Haven’t you heard?

Do you know how
to speak in code?


Do you know how to speak in TBV code? Keep looking and keep scanning to find great sounds.

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you heard?

TBV has arrived.

And we’ve got the headsets and the connections to take you to the very best in music. Whatever you listen to, whatever you’re into, TBV will make it sound great.

Haven’t you noticed?

We talk in code. TBV code.

Wherever you see TBV code (and you’ll be seeing lots of it) you know that scanning it will always lead to something cool. Could be an album track, news of a gig or money off the latest headsets. Keep a look out.

Haven’t you clicked yet?

TBV isn’t just about great quality sound.

It’s your access to (deep breath) great gigs free downloads hot news cool parties new bands live music impromptu events latest reviews product spec free vouchers big prizes free wallpapers free ringtones free photos price promotions and discounted tickets. You name it and as long as it’s connected to great music, we’ll be behind it.

Haven’t you heard?
Quality is guaranteed.

Every TBV product is guaranteed with 6 Months.