Vincenzo winked at Brandon.

omg a n00b pwned me!

That is why I'm compelled to wank.

That camera is the smallest.

As far as knowing health's worth once you've lost it goes, that's the same thing with parents, water or air.

Give Milo something to drink.

A hideous monster used to live there.

We sugar our tea.

After the death of his spouse, Ravindran more or less let the business slide.

I haven't met him.

They surrounded Lord.

They were ungrateful.

I dislocated my ankle, and I also broke my tibia and fibula bones.

Don't ruin our fun.

You have too much time on your hands.

I figured it couldn't hurt.

Please develop this film.

The national road toll has dropped, due in part to the fact that modern cars are safer.

Are you from here?

Is there a mistake in the telephone number?

Victor and Ramsey first met a month ago.

Their way of thinking is behind the times.

I needed your help on something, but I couldn't find you.

I am looking forward to visiting Britain once again.

She works well, just as usual.

He took a cab to arrive on time.

Theodore has got this all worked out.

Matthieu will probably never be late again.

He is a man with no standards.

I don't even have a job.

Life is a long and winding road.

I've not heard that she will come.

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We were all shouting at the same time.

How about a rematch?

I wish it was that simple.

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Glenn cheated on Brodie.

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Lyndon was my friend.

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He has been to Hokkaido.

Milner should be easy to find.

Masanobu begged Leonard not to leave.

You don't even like chocolate.

I found a nice tie for Prakash.

I bought this book as a gift for Shatter.

Lynnette has decided not to complain about what happened.


I already know they're not hiring.


I had to see Myron.

Don't ever laugh at your wife's choices, because after all you're one of them.

The people gathered about us.


You're single.

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I just want to know what time I'm supposed to pick Lowell up.

Oh! Show it to me please.

Not all of us are born with musical talent.

There are about seventy hens in the henhouse, but only one rooster.

You wouldn't recognize Miles anymore.


What's wrong with these?

It cuts no ice with me.

I remember something.

I've got nothing against waiting, but after two hours I'm feeling understandably a bit impatient.

He is an aggressive person.

Tiefenthal told me that he would rather not go.

He's an oceanographer.


Are their wives permitted to see them?

Whenever possible, you should consult experts.

You must take the apple.

We still have to tell him.

Not a few people think that all foreign-made articles are superior to ones made in this country.

I am also a citizen of Tokyo.

I hope you can forgive me.

Honestly, I really like you.

Well then, does everybody know the anime called Mai Hime?

I wish I had the answer.

I know you're going through a lot right now.


In less than a year, she went from straight A's to skipping school.

Do you want to tell me what happened?

What time did you wake up?


That depends on your ability to take care of it.

Spock wrote Rolf a letter.

I think I should tell Spock where I've been.

Did I say something funny?

It was wise for you not to follow his advice.

Are you sure that you don't want to work for that company?

I gave an answer to him with great difficulty.

Carl tossed the empty cup in the trash.

Ann lived next to his uncle.

Ramsey is working there.

Can I ask you something else?

The pink pillow is clean.

The boy denied having stolen the bicycle.


A new railway bridge will be built between the two cities.


The children don't have school today.

I have to see her.

I'd like to know your opinion.

He went about the store looking for something to buy.

Gregor can't play tennis very well.

I suppose you'll let Kikki go.

I feel relieved after having said all that I wanted to say.

Do not try to attract attention with these types of speeches.

I think I should probably go.


I suppose society is wonderfully delightful. To be in it is merely a bore. But to be out of it is simply a tragedy.

She hindered me in my study.

That's not what you want to do.

Thanks for the delicious meal.

Can you explain why you don't like John?

Ladies and gentlemen, I'm very happy to be here.

He can ride a horse.

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Do you study any foreign language?

I gave them a ride home.

He is as tall as her.

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Their names were erased from the list.

You've got to be careful.

Karl and Reid started kissing.

I don't need crutches anymore.

I missed the train by a minute.

Al ran to get his camera.

She asked how to cook fish.

This was a long letter.

May I ask you a question?

I exhausted myself by walking a long distance.

We're conservative.


Could you please fix this flat tire?

A burglar burgled my house.

This screw is made in China.

It's happening tonight.

I asked Jeffery to drive me to the train station.

I'm sometimes in a bad temper.

What do you teach?


"I'm fine." "No, you're not."

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How do you plan to handle this?

Is it true Takeuchi can't read or write?

Stop acting like such a weirdo.

She sorted the files in alphabetical order.

There is a bus stop near by.

How are you going to stop him?

What's the idea of throwing that stone?


He faked his own death.


Did anyone else receive this email?

I looked into the mirror.

This was no accident.


"I'm afraid of having eye surgery." "It's no time to be saying that kind of thing. At this rate, you might lose your vision completely."

The bridge connects the two cities.

I'm sitting on a chair.

Jefferson received 162 electoral votes.

Dan angrily attacked Linda.

I'm not angry.

Have you finished it?


What kind of songs does Sabrina sing at karaoke?

Hans was the expedition leader.

Write carefully and legibly.


It's time for us to go to bed.

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Stop being so stubborn.

I don't know. Let's find out!

Either of the two must leave.

The river has its source to the southwest of Sussex, New Brunswick.

It rained fire in that region.

I'm not sure whether Herbert saw it or not.

One day Hirotoshi will understand.

Why not just quit?

You and I seem to be the only people here.


There's nobody home.

You say something and then you do another.

What's in that closet?


Do you always have coffee with your breakfast?


It is outrageous that you should spend so much money.


I heard that Nancy is really pretty.

The fluorescent light was faulty and flickered on and off intermittently.

We wouldn't stand a chance against Jordan's gang.

I hope you don't tell Blair that.

I'm just glad Darin is doing that.

We were all rooting for you.

Kitty and Saad have become very good friends.