I bet you didn't expect to see me again so soon.

Yes, I'll be right there.

What you have said applies only to single women.

I'm no good for you.

The two companies combined in a joint corporation.

I've never seen something like this.


We should not ask a woman her age.

Where can I wash up?

You don't need to carry lunch with you.

My father is a pilot on the domestic line.

We had hoped some students would come, but there was no one in the classroom.


I'll deal with him.

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Pratt couldn't see what was happening.

He who rebukes the world is rebuked by the world.

What department are you in?

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Yvonne treats Sumitro like a princess.

He talks as if he were an old man.

I thought Sridharan did a great job.


Enter the room.

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They must love you.

Set the cake out on the table.

I've thought a lot about this.

Let's give Norman some room.

Taurus took care of my dog while I was out of town.

Suzan wanted me to do him a favor.

Gary might want to consider buying what he needs from us.

I'm looking into that right now.

The boy narrowly escaped drowning.

O Hamlet, thou hast cleft my heart in twain.

Hunger is our bodies' response to having eaten less than normal.

That horse is not white.

My teacher has perfect trust in me.

This bus is the one we've been waiting for.

Bobbie never drinks except on special occasions.


Denis walked along the river with a foreboding that this was the last time she would walk anywhere as a free woman.

Marci is bothered by that.

We probably shouldn't have done that.


I thought Mats would like it.

I didn't like Clifford's idea at first.

Our daughter burnt a finger with a match.


He studied economics at college.

She finds her parents embarrassing.

I'm afraid I didn't explain it too well.


Old helps Pontus move the furniture.


We went to the play yesterday.

This is an institution for the criminally insane.

Margot is proud of his daughter.

"Are you still dating Ravi?" "No, we broke up at the beginning of last month."

I refuse to listen to your excuses.

Christopher sought advice from his family.

Don't forget to take an umbrella with you.


Amarth is very pious.

My friend, what's making you this sad today?

If your tongue turns black, you should probably see a doctor.

Tell the taxi driver to drive faster.

We can get a weather bulletin every day.

Why are you home now?

That would be a mistake.

Between them they can finish in a week.

Do you remember that store?

It's probably just the wind.

He did that on purpose.

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Barrio made Barrett go there alone.

Keep to the right.

Did you find that on the internet?

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Rock, paper, scissors.


I'll see if Todd's here.

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In my opinion, we need to diversify our assets.

I knew we'd regret giving Christina a knife.

I can't believe Evelyn made such a stupid mistake.

Are you still letting last night's fight bother you? That's so naive.

I can't believe that's what's really troubling Deirdre.


A quadratic function cannot be used here.

They are not merchants, but farmers.

Multiplicity is only apparent, in truth, there is only one mind...


The two most important people in the meeting are Brandi and Pilot.

I'm late for class.

Should I be worried about them?

I believe that the boy is honest.

He only calls her when he's feeling horny.

In the Tokyo stock market, stocks of about 450 companies are traded over the counter.

The capital of Morocco is Rabat.

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Nobody worked in my country.


I totally owe you one.


She got what she wanted.


Laurie swims well.


Are you ready?

Rod walked to the store to buy some milk.

Did he admit that he was wrong?


Don't you know her?

It was really inspiring.

Could you carry this shopping bag for me?

She had never mingled in the society of women.

I'll call you when I leave.

Yerba mate became a hit in Korea.

People need to be more energetic when they present their work.

We need to buy a little time here.

Turkey has the world's largest refugee population.


They know Warren.

Have you ever been to outer space?

Am I in London?

The United States seems to have got caught up in the troubles between the two nations in Asia.

You look in the mirror and feel like a shitty person.

I know better than to do such a thing.

The cobbler's children go barefoot.


I'm nursing a broken heart.

She lives by the sea, but she doesn't know how to swim.

She gave him a book.


You're necessary.

My brother likes horror movies.

Do you know why Clifford left?

That left him pensive.

I guess it's only fair.


He's pale because he's sick.

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We need to find her right away.

There were errors.

I've never seen him in jeans.

The snow prevented his going out.

Next time, you won't be so lucky.

We're quite alone.

What is it you are looking for?

Harold is very temperamental.

John isn't here.


Are you sure you want to do this by yourself?


Let me tell you what's going to happen now.

You're a good actress.

Things have been good.


Your friend left the city.

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I don't think I've ever made any serious mistakes.

Do you want to know my secret? It's very simple...

Just sit and relax.


The suspension bridge is miles above.


A true friend would have acted differently.

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That kanji is so complex, I can't read it.


You know, I don't want to kill you.

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Triantaphyllos appeared calm.


Somebody attacked him.

What we need now is a quiet place to sit and talk.

It's great when you're in love.

Kyle would want me to help.

My whole life long, I fought against superstition.

My sunglasses are broken.

Last night, me and Arlene dreamt the same dream.


For the teacher, teaching her was fun.

That happens every day.

Kazu told her that he would go to Brazil in May.

I have to be here.

You smell like a drunk.

What color is your hair?

The effectiveness of this method was confirmed by many people's experiences.


That wasn't me.


These glasses aren't right for my eyes anymore; it's difficult to see. I'm going to have to get a new pair made.

Coconut oil does wonders!

I think Marco must be pretty sleepy by now.

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Let me google that for you.


Don't move too quickly.