My whole family's from Boston.

I can't find anything out of the ordinary.

If you have questions, don't hesitate to get in touch with me!

Amy is domineering.

They had to remove a bullet lodged near his spine.

Do you want me to take you to the station?

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The lift has an automatic door.

Yes, it did happen, but not in this year.

Ah, this is the life!

She finds strength in her religion.

Now what're we going to do?


Well, I always have time for a friend. They know they can count on me.

We were prisoners.

Today was definitely shorts and T-shirt weather.

She pinched my arm sharply.

Did you have an accident?


This is romanticism.

He has always been an advocate for the poor and downtrodden.

The lights are out.

It took some effort.

And with all their charms they are not of a kind to maintain their influence over us for any length of time, when we know that they are nonentities.

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Piotr accidentally got on the wrong bus.

You did not learn about people from Star Trek.

Torsten got nervous.

Spencer is a nail technician.

We thought he was an American.

Are these soldiers or monsters?

Their job is to dust the furniture.


She is one of the most generous people I know.

Tanya now realizes that he should have let Elliot have her own way.

He is a smart little guy.

I'm surprised Kazuhiro didn't want to go with us.

All the roads leading into the city are full of cars.

Have you ever read a book written about Japan?

You stole my heart.

I can neither read French nor speak it.

She provided a good dinner for us.


We left Stanislaw and Marshall by themselves.

With the token they could only go to the company shop and buy food or clothing from that shop.

Can you cash this check for me?


Are you a registered voter?


None of us can see them.

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Have you ever fixed your car by yourself?

That would never happen, right?

I don't believe in keeping my feelings bottled up.


I should like to introduce to you the gentleman I spoke of the other day.

All that read this are foolish.

Since he had left his wallet at home, he asked me if I could lend him 1,000 yen.


Damn burglar/thief.

When was the last time you heard Gill talking about Alvin?

I got Diane a soccer ball for his birthday.

He is absorbed in playing tennis, but his brother goes in more for football and baseball.

Simulations can't always prepare you for the real thing.

Sylvan is approximately Liber's age.

I'm really proud of you.

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They filmed the entire ceremony.

I'm not telling you to go alone.

I am glad to meet you.

May I use your car, Dad?

The audience were mostly young girls.

Look at how happy Jerrie and Barrett are.

At school I am on the Newspaper Committee.

Try not to cry.

The rookie breathed new life into the team.

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It revolts me.


Our car pulled uphill.

Shall I wrap it for you?

I heard a rooster crow and knew I'd soon have to get out of bed.

He was beside himself with rage.

The number of casualties is still unknown.

Franklin found his new job interesting.

I'd like to speak to them.

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Damone was fatter three years ago than he is now.

I'm afraid I can't finish them in time.

It's well worth it.

Now it's too late.

Josh said he was going to help Francisco.

The dog is barking at them.

If you get that job, the world will be your oyster.

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I don't know what he is like.


I hope to be a journalist.

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I want to talk to as many people as possible.


I convinced him that he was wrong.

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It's an awfully big responsibility.

Tell me the correct answer.

We need to find new people to work in the kitchen.

Fred is not to be trusted.

He was a man who was the very picture of her ideals.

Free man, always you will cherish the sea.

She'll almost certainly pass the test.

Anthony says he's tried everything.

The Union army's supply lines were on the north side.

I can't resist the urge to eat raw meat.

He did it, and what was more surprising, he did it by himself.

How bad do you want it?

John, being tired, went to bed early.

How many Christmas cards did you write last year?

I'm lost!

I was awake all night.

We hired a rent-a-car by the day.

My mother is active.

She likes poetry and music.

Fight or die.

I thought Win did pretty well.

The belt is brown.

Maybe Irwin is lying.

It seemed like a game to Anatoly.

My room is number fourteen on the third floor.


Every time I saw him, I found him to be taller.

I want to become a bisque doll maker.

It's not unusual for this kind of thing to happen.

You're fortunate.

We appreciate your interest in PT Journal.


There's almost no coffee left in the pot.

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This dam generates more power than any other dam in the world.

I really want a beer.

She was a Smith before her marriage.

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Andrew is the youngest of the three sisters.


It is a typical Gothic church.

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Are you talking about him?


A lightning struck the tall tree.

That's why we have to stay.

They held firm to their convictions.


Why did you say that?

It's elementary, my dear Miek.

You aren't crazy.

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Roberto is the most talented artist in our class.

The old castle is a popular tourist attraction.

Christmas is only a few days away.


Ask Tony again.

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It seems to have that he knows everything.

You don't look pleased to see me.

Troy screamed something in French.


Please get here as quickly as you can.

We didn't kill them.

Did you ask the others?

Daren always wanted to be a doctor, but his grades at school weren't quite good enough to get him into medical school.

Don't look directly at him.

When did you begin studying French?

You've got to let me go.


Bob doesn't have to work so hard.


Jurevis didn't know what was happening.

He went on talking as though nothing had happened.

A time will come when you will regret your action.

We're going to make sure that you're safe.

I'm sure you'll feel better tomorrow.

Children need to play.

I shall endeavor to enliven morality with wit, and to temper wit with morality.

"Is this the first thing that you do in the morning?" "No, it's the second thing."

You know Ernst.


Except for the storm, I would have arrived earlier.

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He cannot speak English, much less French.

There's a lot to discuss today.

I wonder what I'll find in the box.

It's an art more than a science.

Jochen clearly lied.

It's not brain surgery.

Louie was the winner.

It was cheaper than I thought.

It is the secret for improving one self.

Mara donated his entire fortune to charity.

The house was carried away by strong winds.

I wish I'd looked at the map.

Neville refused to apologize.