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Element 1: Remember where you come from When people ask me, “What kept you going through the major ups and downs that you’ve endured over the years?” I tell them that I never forget where I came from. Living in a car and digging through garbage bins made me try hard and develop the right […]

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Nestled along the eastern coastal line, the state of Odisha has many secrets to share. Its sun-kissed beaches and dreamy shorelines have stories to tell of the people that have brought the state alive. In its little known wonders lie treasure troves of rich natural resources, high growth potential and burgeoning infrastructure, that lure one […]

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No one had noticed Colin Kaepernick sitting on a bench as the American national anthem rang out during a pre-season match on August 16, 2016. No questions were asked, no objections raised. There was no indication that the quarterback would become America’s most polarizing sports star. Perhaps it was because the then-injured Kaepernick was not […]



You may have set up a solid coordinations arrange however do you need that your inventory network is an esteem maker for your customers. Most supply chains have numerous partners and various focuses where wasteful aspects can crawl into the framework, Add to this the difficulties presented by developing business sector factors and most new […]

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Snap to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to email this to a companion (Opens in new window) Brandon Kennedy’s battle for prompt qualification at Tennessee satisfied for both the player and the football program as the exchange […]

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One of the Facebook strategy changes diminished my salary from Facebook by 60 percent, medium-term. No clarification,” said one entrepreneur. After almost two years under flame for false news and Russian decision intruding, Facebook has felt the weight from clients and government controllers to address these issues. Prior this year, CEO Mark Zuckerberg reported changes […]

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Blood-testing startup Theranos said to be closing

Theranos was not able offer itself and is presently hoping to pay unsecured banks its residual money of about $5 million in the forthcoming months. The once-proclaimed blood-testing startup Theranos is closing down, as indicated by a media report. Theranos was not able offer itself and is presently hoping to pay unsecured leasers its outstanding […]