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    If you are wanting to learn how to use Evernote for business or personal uses, you NEED this 3 part series! I hear this all the time: I don’t know how to use it! I can’t organize it! I downloaded it and it is just setting there! Let’s get you to bring it to the… [Continue Reading]

    Evernote 3 Part Series
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    Does this sound like you? “I only need help with ONE thing” OR “I will need multiple sessions” “I need you to come to my office” OR “I need to meet you somewhere” “I need some help with——“ If you fit ANY of these, I am your girl!  I can help enhance your knowledge and give you… [Continue Reading]

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    Do it Yourself: Self Study Program for the Do it yourself who wants to do it by themselves! Coming in February! 3 Levels (you pick one) to help you on your Social Media Journey! Join our waitlist! Be the FIRST to know when the DYI Social Media Program is launched and open for registration! Success!… 732-612-0288

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    Don’t want to manage your social media activities but still want to be active? Below are the packages, CLR Virtual Connection offers. All the packages below INCLUDE A STRATEGY SESSION! Beginner For those JUST starting or have a small budget Updates TWO TIMES daily per profile on 3 of the Big 4 Networks 3 weekly… 312-312-6355

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