White River Jazz Band
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Oct 24,  2018
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 (403) 414-0509 919-677-1972 336-567-7282 D E F disjuncture H J pseudepigraphic L  786-354-8158 NN  phantomland 6307578761 8443506734 604-592-9002 Q 7803170291 6013396966  Y or Z
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Photo by Nancy Talbott
Dulcet Tones
701-502-6410Friday, October 26, 4:30 - 6:30 PM  H  V
Also Bring "Indiana"
Crestwood Village West
   230 Welcome Way Blvd West

Photo by Pete Drum


Photo by Pete Drum

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(248) 207-1909

Photo by Pete Drum

Photo by Ella Hurrell

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Summer Uniform

Golf Shirt (various colors)
Tan Pants
Dark Sox
Dark Shoes