I'd have a problem with that.

Do you have a plan yet?

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Don't let them do this.


Did you speak to her yesterday?


He prides himself on having an expensive car.


Did Marvin ever have any dealings with Philip?

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I'm a holder of ABC Travel Insurance.

Gotta go.

The record concert is free of charge and is open to everyone.


Do not misunderstand this.

What time will you be back?

Why are you learning a foreign language?

Paola is scary.

We've done almost everything you've asked for.

It took us longer to get here than we expected.

Have him wait a moment.


What time is breakfast?


Compared to his father, he is shallow.


I have eaten a lot this week.


Jim has not yet returned home.


The room was dark.

The Berlin Wall fell in 1989.

We made a good impression, I think.

You must not lack decorum dealing with your benefactors.

We must make sure that Shaw doesn't hurt himself.

You should not be absent without notice.

It wasn't very good.

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Harry wept.

The time may come when people will have used up all the oil.

Is it not concerning the way the markets jitter about these days?

An architect occupies that office.

She's married and settled down now.

I don't think this is the right one.

The news was not confirmed.

A man came up to Hillary in the street and started talking to him, but Cynthia had no idea who he was.

Kelly carries the news department.

Just to be clear, this was not me.

I'm interested in music.

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When Stephan showed up late for work for the third time in a row, his boss told him that it was the last straw and that he would have to fire him.

Henry was haunted by painful memories of the Vietnam War.

I think you should go home.

Allow me to introduce Mayuko to you.

The Klingons are a warrior spacefaring race.

The battery light is showing that the battery is not getting charged.

Do you think we're going to be rescued?

The boy must have broken the window.

I'm so happy you called.

You had better leave at once.

What was his name again?


The pond is too shallow for swimming.

I hope you found something in the end.

Each student has his own desk.


British officers received their orders in April, 1775.

Their children will be christened tomorrow.

She learned Latin in school.

I often read "Veja", but last week I read another magazine.

Farmers are still sitting on the fence over which candidate to back.


Can you tell me what Henry did?


Now, why would that happen?

You can't teach a man to fish if he complains about having to fish.

She's hooked on Farmville.

Andrew said that he couldn't breathe.

Ginny accepted the invitation.


He thought it over and decided not to go.

I asked Kelvin to do that.

Who's he?

Everyone except Earnie looked tired.

When he appeared, the party livened up.

Delete that picture.

Some people started dancing.

Everyone has to start somewhere.

You don't think Annard is here, do you?

I think it's time for me to write my mother another letter.

I still love you.

And you say the house is clean? Look at the floor!

"Let's play tennis." "Yes let's."

An accident may happen at any time.

I accept your challenge.

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Is Heidi badly hurt?

Donn asked everybody the same thing.

I blame you for this, Steven.


Darin wouldn't let me quit.

I was having trouble concentrating.

You don't sound very optimistic.

Milo always plays to win.

Give them money.


I don't care about the cost.

I'd send my kid out on his own for a while if I were you. A few hard knocks at this point might do him some good.

We display them because they can be useful, but you should be careful. Their meaning may differ a little from the main sentence.

That would be awesome, right?

I was discharged without notice.

"My metabolism is such that no matter how much I eat I don't put on weight." "Just now, this second, you've made enemies of people throughout the world."

We still don't have everything we need.

Can you break a 1000 yen bill?

You still haven't told me what to do.

We'll be seeing you.

I have never been spoken to by a foreigner before.

I don't shampoo my hair in the morning.

They studied them closely.


I slipped and twisted my ankle.


Maybe Len should stay here with Alastair.


It is a fine thing, whoever has a trusty tongue.

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There is much truth in what you say.


The lesson of history is always that things have been otherwise in different times and places and thus could now be otherwise as well.

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Nigel and Steven eat dinner together almost every evening.

You don't have to do it here.

Yukio Mishima killed himself in 1970.

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It doesn't really sound like you want to help me.

The bug has been corrected.

A blister rose on one of her left fingers.

Herman and Betsy live in a seedy rundown neighbourhood.

The handle of an axe is Death to its own tribe.

You don't say!

What do you think Diane keeps in there?


Leo was very disrespectful.


Supplies cannot keep up with the demand.


The painting is the work of a Dutch master.

I sneeze almost every day.

You should really think about it before telling him yes.

"I want a pint of beer." "It's eight in the morning, Elias!"

She was watching the film with her eyes red in tears.

I honestly believe that.

He has long hair.

Sekar does everything we tell him.

Keep a box of baking soda in the fridge to keep it smelling clean.

He brutally murdered his wife.

We're not friends anymore.

I enjoy working.

I lit the candles.

Let's not allow that to happen.

Have you ever snored?

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It's the queen.


Do you go shopping at the weekend?

Shannon felt helpless.

We've got three days left.

The person carried the piano.

I'm trying to become an expert in using axes.


I'd rather go camping.

Everyone has some kind of god, even if that "god" is reason.

When he got up to make his speech, Dominic's mind went completely blank and all he could do was stand there with his mouth open.

I think Alexis should sell his house.

It's an obscene thing.


You are at liberty to leave any time.

His speech was to the point.

Hey, have you ever seen a guy's privates before?

I couldn't have predicted this happening.

We didn't kill her.

Why are you arguing with the manager?

He fashioned an elegant pot out of clay.


He's not my father.


The war went against the country.

I'm sure I told you about that.

Go wake up Elisabeth and tell him that breakfast is ready.


I don't feel that way about you anymore.

Would you bring me another one, please?

Take it off.


You look like somebody I went to high school with.

There are many ancient cities in Italy, Rome and Venice for example.

Organic vegetables are popular because they're safe and tasty.

I just don't love Calvin.

We're born between urine and feces.