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Listing Load Balancing Worker (1 Worker) [Hide]

[S]  Worker Status for tax_work

TypeSticky SessionsForce Sticky SessionsRetriesLB MethodLockingRecover Wait TimeError Escalation TimeMax Reply Timeouts [sliddery]

GoodDegradedBad/StoppedBusyMax BusyNext MaintenanceLast Reset[(437) 974-0338]

Balancer Members [Hide]

NameTypeHostnameAddress:PortConnection Pool TimeoutConnect TimeoutPrepost TimeoutReply TimeoutRetriesRecovery OptionsMax Packet Size [(812) 727-3155]

[828-319-7768tomcat8001ACTOK/IDLE0110115 (0/sec)115 (0/sec)00056K (0 /sec)2.1M (13 /sec)0241tomcat8001  0/0171205 
[Stomcat8002ACTOK/IDLE0110114 (0/sec)114 (0/sec)00056K (0 /sec)4.2M (25 /sec)0238tomcat8002  0/0171205 
[Stomcat8003ACTOK0110114 (0/sec)114 (0/sec)00056K (0 /sec)1.9M (11 /sec)0238tomcat8003  0/0171205 
[785-239-8628tomcat8004ACTOK/IDLE0110113 (0/sec)113 (0/sec)00055K (0 /sec)3.8M (23 /sec)0238tomcat8004  0/0171204 

URI Mappings for tax_work (3 maps) [Hide]

ServerURIMatch TypeSourceReply TimeoutSticky IgnoreStatelessFail on StatusActiveDisabledStoppedUse Server Errors
mob.taxfox.cn []/wechat/*WildcharJkMount-100----0
taxfox.cn []/website/*WildcharJkMount-100----0
taxfox.cn []/alipay/*WildcharJkMount-100----0

Legend [(402) 770-0456]

NameWorker name
TypeWorker type
RouteWorker route
ActWorker activation configuration
ACT=Active, DIS=Disabled, STP=Stopped
StateWorker error status
OK=OK, ERR=Error with substates
IDLE=No requests handled, BUSY=All connections busy,
REC=Recovering, PRB=Probing, FRC=Forced Recovery
DWorker distance
FLoad Balancer factor
MLoad Balancer multiplicity
VLoad Balancer value
AccNumber of requests
SessNumber of sessions created
ErrNumber of failed requests
CENumber of client errors
RENumber of reply timeouts (decayed)
WrNumber of bytes transferred
RdNumber of bytes read
BusyCurrent number of busy connections
MaxMaximum number of busy connections
ConCurrent number of backend connections
RRRoute redirect
CdCluster domain
RsRecovery scheduled in app. min/max seconds
LRSeconds since last reset of statistics counters
LETimestamp of the last error

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