We made our way towards our hometown.

He just doesn't listen.

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Reynolds' blood pressure is dangerously high, especially when he's mad.


I didn't accept to add comic books to the school library.

Marsh knows he can't win.

I never got to talk to them.


I've eaten all the crackers.

He is honesty itself.

Marla hasn't been home yet.


The boy certainly wasn't talkative.


What would I do without you?


Sean poked the ant hill with a stick.


She's already married.


Audrey doesn't think he can win.

Oscar is quite different.

I don't want you to say anything.

You and I come from different worlds.

The doctor told Charleen that he should try to get more sleep.

You are very persistent, and that counts for a lot.

I'm going to cancel in another two days.

You should leave out these two lines.

Is Joon still here?

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Do you have a bicycle?

Ubuntu includes lots of software.

This idea has never entered my head before.


When does 2013 end?

Don't blow things out of proportion.

Tell her you don't need it.

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He had enough to do to catch up on his work.


Izzy and Phil are in the front room.

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I like French cooking.

I've never met anybody like her.

Three years ago something like this never would have happened.

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Pitawas has three cars in his garage.

Do you have any questions about this lesson?

That would mean a lot to me.


It's good that there are places like this.


The shoppers stood in a line.

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The vote on the question was close.

What are the alternatives to imprisonment?

We're desperate to find a solution.

You'd better check it twice.

Apparently, I'm a piece of garbage.

Sorrel knows something isn't right.

You can call me.

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The street our hotel is on is the next one.

Don't ask the way to a village you don't want to go to.

Let's go for a walk to the mountains.

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She has a tendency to look on the dark side of things.

The neighbors say that Graham beats her husband.

Strange to say, he saw the ghost of his father.

She bought a new house the other day.

I don't think Dan would make that decision.


The level of the lake dropped.

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A lie is a lie, no matter how you spin it.

Hm! You're right!

I'd like for you to help me paint my garage.


Every noun in Portuguese is either masculine or feminine.

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I'm pretty sure that's Hans.

Does anyone here know what time the meeting starts?

I have no doubt as to his sincerity.

Our team lost all of its games.

His father was a mayor, but he didn't want to engage in politics.

I hate to see people enjoying themselves.

We've already achieved that.

Peggy is jealous, isn't he?

"Will the children stay at home with their mother?" "No, they will stay alone."

Pretty soon, there was an elevated train going back and forth just above the small village.

Ron, tell me the truth.

Konrad doesn't like being pushed.

Is your school far from here?

I'll go if Cathy goes.

The artistic beauty of the garden is really breathtaking.


He stayed awake all night wondering why the deal went wrong.

We should keep our hands clean.

He shaved.

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Hey, we aren't done yet.


What's the best way to approach a girl?

Charlie couldn't think of any reason for not giving Klaudia the present.

He was as ravenous as a bear.

Marguerite went to the movies every week.

Nobody has ever loved him.


The cat will scratch you if you provoke it.

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What about you? Will you have orange juice, too?


Could you send someone up to pick up some laundry?


Are you currently taking any kind of medication?

What will the weather be like tomorrow?

One calls that metal zinc.


A lie, told by a sensible man, remains a lie.


I'm pretty sure this book has never been translated into French.

Around 30% increase in power seen in in-house comparisons with previous model.

Two people were killed in a traffic accident.

Because you're a sweet and lovely girl.

We will have to wait.

Is that you, Jared?

He's good at swimming.

I really didn't want to play tag with Gretchen and his friends.

I'm almost certain that Olivier will be at the meeting tomorrow.

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You organized your CDs by artist, didn't you?

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This poem reads like a piece of prose.

You are very competent.

He was subjected to strict military discipline while in the service.


You're the worst.

Since then, a great deal of change has occurred in Japan.

We haven't done that yet.


Sometimes, a small change can make a big difference.

I like this color, too.

How many people live in that house?

She refused to say more about that matter.

I think you've had enough, Gerard.


I want to be a physician in the future.

Eileen was sitting alone in the dark waiting for Marlena.

Who would want to hire them?

Not wanting to boast but I've never got better than a 3 on my report card for home economics. Out of 10 that is.

We live in Connemara.


He isn't afraid of anything.

The situation is becoming more and more dire for me.

It was very funny.

We must try to determine the best course of action.

Should we call Laurianne?

Lowell thanked Marie for her gift.

Such conduct does not become a gentleman.

There are a lot of people here.

I happened to be right.

It's not special.

Alejandro hopes to run a company in the future.

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"Zelda, I'm going to save Gamelon from the evil forces of Duke Onkled!" "How?" "I'll take my ship to aid Gamelon." "But father, what if something happens to you?" "My ship will protect me!" "But father, what if you have to go on shore?"

We'll go talk to them.

Do you give lessons?

Our dog buries its bones in the garden.

It'll cost about 2,000 yen to repair it.

I didn't give it to her.

I wasn't in the office then, so I don't know what happened.


They went on a cruise and bought jewellery, paid for by Health Canada dollars.

Now I am very interested in the Italian Renaissance.

Does Lochhead manage to arouse our sympathy?


You can't force me to do anything I don't want to do.

When will you be free?

It is the steamed potato!


Hey, you! What are you doing?

Raphael, please, this isn't the time or place.

I want three sugars in my coffee.

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Maarten loaded the cars onto the ferryboat.


Six months is a long time to wait.


Is there a cat on the desk?

He found himself pursued by recruiters.

I know Arne is tired.

He goes with his mother to Russia every year.

Do you trust Jill?


And then very strange things began to happen.

Losing injured their pride.

According to the X-ray, everything is all right.

Eddie and Rhonda sat on the sofa together watching TV.

Nicolette was the only survivor.