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Jones wants both a career and a family.

I'm going to go find him.

My pet dog was seriously ill.


I have seen a panda once.

It could have been anybody.

Mari has been to Hungary.

You've written a great speech.

That day will go down in history.


Prices will certainly go up.

Tofu goes well with sake.

The demotion of Pluto from the status of a planet was a very hotly debated issue within the astronomical community.

They advertised a new product on TV.

One day you wake up like a skylark, a winged express at its fastest, devising pursuits to embark on, but this disappears by breakfast.

My grandmother really likes watching TV a lot.

This is just a pile of bullshit!

What is a god?

Has it been 10 years already?

My older sister swims very fast.

Do you still need our help?

This sounds reasonable.

I was all by myself.

At this hour, there is incredible traffic.

It takes approximately 4.6 Earth years for Ceres to make one revolution around the Sun.

Where the hell are you looking at?

So, straight, then to the right, and then?

We're better.

I will call you tomorrow afternoon.


Mechael bought Part a crocodile skin handbag.

I wouldn't say it that way.

"All right," said the man, "I don't believe this, but there's no harm in wishing. I wish to know who I am."


Were they in the library yesterday?


She doesn't like soccer.


I told her you were busy.

She answered to the description of the missing woman.

She didn't stay because she had to go to the dentist.

What you're wearing on your feet don't meet safety guidelines.

I never saw him before.

They said it was an accident.

Aimee bought Antony some flowers.

The noise kept me awake all night.

I'd be happy to take care of your baby.


He was looking for a good job.

"Have you talked to Lorenzo?" "Everybody's name is Bobby here! Which one do you need?" "The one that is Sanche's friend!"

The government is corrupt!

I drive to Tokyo every day.

You never called. What's up with that?

I was at home all day yesterday.

Thierry and Neville have been married for more than thirty years.

Don't compare yourself to me.

A number of senators disliked Wilson.

It's not easy to think with Lana snoring.

The race wasn't fair because the winner had a ten-second head start.

The Logical Language "Lojban" is probably difficult isn't it?

He gave a loud cry for help.


This month was kind of difficult.

Laurence is from a rich Boston family.

I went to the store near by.

The locust made a big jump.

I want to hear everything that's happened to you.

I don't want Stephan to get into trouble.

Evan thinks that cars have faces.

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Per isn't handling it the right way.

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Erwin is out cold.

I'm way stronger than I used to be.

Valentin is out of prison.

He read this poem only once, he can't know it by heart.

I beg to differ with you.

I don't get it.

Your feedback is important and it will help us to know how we can provide the best service possible.

Kenn eats nothing but fruit.

I have to go meet Stacy.

This is the best book that I've ever read.

My bicycle needs to be repaired.

Yes, we can change.

Tell me about your everyday life.

I want to keep doing this.

Hunter cried for help.

Sit down here beside me.

You had a good time, didn't you?

Butler told John the secret.

I think we'd better talk outside.

We couldn't stop.

I knew I'd be blamed.

I was very unlucky.

Apart from English, he also teaches math.

Don't go without a hat.

It actually isn't that simple.

Koala bears smell like eucalyptus.

The bread is stuck in the toaster.

Jochen won't know how to use it if you don't show him.

I'll wait until October.


She will follow you.

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But in return they get a clear look at important games, and if they miss something, they can always rely on the commentator's description or the instant replay.

She advised him against doing it.

Are you on Facebook?

Let me tell you something about Moran.

Do you like figure skating?

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He is erratic.

Has a solution been found?

He's the only one who's read this letter.

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Tammy usually keeps his phone in manner mode.

Flap your wings or die.

Evelyn called to tell Clayton that he'd be late.

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I'm always late.

Do you want some sugar in your coffee?

I have no details.

I'm sorry I've lost my watch.

Sandra is Hy's second wife.

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The fire went on for some time before it was brought under control.

We were glad we had each other.

I don't like snack bars. They're expensive, noisy, and full of the smell of tobacco and fried food.

I'm out of here.

Alcohol affects you more quickly on an empty stomach.

You can't see him anymore.

Politics is the drilling of very thick planks.

I like this book.

Life without love has no meaning.

This is not important.

Don't look for how to do it, find out how not to prevent yourself.


He wears eyeglasses to read.

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Is death the only way out?

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Irene is from Peru. She is Peruvian.


There are only just a few passengers on that train.

It's not going to be like that.

Jeanette was here thirty minutes ago.

This is a yellow rose.

Sometimes it may seem like we're not making any progress.


I'm going to find out what's happening.

In a liquid rocket, the propellants, the fuel and the oxidizer, are stored separately as liquids and are pumped into the combustion chamber of the nozzle where burning occurs.

Which is your stronger language?

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Derek was furious.

You'll recognize her.

Myrick sat on the sled behind Samir.

The bottle is full.

You probably already knew that.


He made up for lost time by running fast.

He awoke to find himself lying on the bench.

I want to see if I can stand.


Hello, girls.

Not everyone who has a paintbrush in their hand is a painter.

That's not a bear anymore. That's bear goo.

Blayne's real last name is Jackson.

Shamim denied that report.

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There is a broad street near my house.


The volcano may erupt at any moment.

It's mean of you to talk that way.

Could we please go home now?


I'll keep your advice in mind.

He leaned against the wall.

Do you want this octopus to have fewer legs?

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Milner is trying not to fall asleep.

I want to know what to expect.

Miek peeked inside the box.

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It appears to me you are mistaken.

Now I wish to go to sleep.

I can't go into detail.


Daniel tried to have Pilar killed.

The children are celebrating the boy's birthday.

That's a good idea. I'm going to do that.


The inky night sky had no stars.

Elliot has really taught me many things.

Sharon seems unhappy.


She ran away with the eggs.

Did you see anything else?

Please describe what occurred there.

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We're pessimistic.