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Honzo sped up and caught up with Ro.

Experts are investigating the accident.

I had no sooner left the house than it began to rain hard.

Dean wanted to surprise Stanley.

And young people who described themselves as conservative had an amygdala (the brain structure associated with emotional processing) that was larger.

Sally didn't even help Mongo.

Have you ever listened to the Brandenburg Concertos, by Johann Sebastian Bach?

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We didn't see any while we were there.

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I won't help you.


He made it, but she didn't.

The boy has a watch in his hand.

The troops easily put down the rebellion.

I want to have a friend.

Thanks for the company.


Cyrus made it clear that he didn't want to be here.

Come over here and join us.

The surgeon operated on her for lung cancer.

Many countries are having difficulties in the economic sphere.

We used to think that was why this kind of thing happened.

Kristin is a baseball player.

His socks are gray.


I will start early tomorrow, maybe I should go to bed soon.

The girl I went to the movies with is a friend of mine.

It is rumored that secret peace talks have already begun.

Cris is no liar.

This is not funny.


A peasant like me surely would be lost in a city so big.


Tatoeba Project is our virtual home.


Mick always gets up at 6:30.

Their meeting was inevitable.

She has very good manners.

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How did you know?


It's a conspiracy.

Vidhyanath will abhauen.

Though it's a complicated problem, but I shall try my best to solve it.

Make yourself comfortable.

They named the dog Shiro.

I've seen a lot of changes.

See you later, alligator.

What's Leigh eating?

He is far from being honest.

You can call us at any time.

How much is a bottle of coconut juice?

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I may have caught cold.

We have yet to learn all the facts.

I've got nothing to report.

I thought you said you weren't attracted to Duke.

I saw her get hit by a car.

They should have done it.

The thief ran off as soon as he saw the police car.

Lukas and I, who are twins, used to amuse ourselves by exchanging identities and fooling everyone.

Maybe we should return to Boston.


The girl danced for joy.

What I want to know are the facts.

The woman suspected that her son was using drugs.

Nail the notice on the trunk of that tree.

I know how much you care about Jochen.

Lee was found dead in his study.

I showed him my deepest regret.

I availed myself of a holiday to visit Tokyo.

The rumor was nothing to him.

Did anybody follow you?

I cannot see the hummingbird, because it is too far away.


Don't worry. She doesn't understand German.

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His face was enlightened by happiness.

Keep to these instructions carefully.

Herman frequently makes mistakes.

He will be delighted to see you.

I'm through with Lea.

I'm glad you asked me to come.

I had thought of buying a used car, but since I'm earning a decent amount of money now, I decided to splurge and buy a new one.

I still don't know how to thank you.

We've known each other since we were kids.


You're not kidding!

Several newspapers published the story.

What is your waist size?

Records show that Halley's Comet has been observed for over 2000 years. Confirmed sightings of the comet go back to 240 B.C.

Don't ask me such a hard question.


I sent June home to Boston.

The mass of lava covered the side of the mountain.

I am thankful for the kindness of strangers.

Try to be polite.

Hi guys, I'm Mike.

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Think acknowledges that he was defeated.


Nobody writes to me.

Dozens of cars were parked in the parking lot.

You're pretty good.

Many scholars are seen as weirdos.

Our dreams came true.

My response remains the same.

Never judge by appearance.

I'm so sick of being sweaty.

I'm home all the time.


She said 'I love you' to me.

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I didn't know you had company.

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Do you need a place to stay tonight?


I'd like you to take a look at something.

Do I owe you something?

So long as we are among humans, let us cherish humanity.


You can't rely on him.

Experts say coffee prices are rising mainly because people are willing to pay more.

Has the rain stopped? It would be good if it had.

May I take a photo?

I read the letter to him.

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I borrowed her hairbrush.

Does he go to work by bus?

We have finished lunch.

Wendy has been trying to reach you.

You seem a little stressed.

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My father thinks that he's always right.

That doesn't really help us, does it?

I hesitate to ask Leila to help.


I hope there will be minimal dead

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I would've sent you money.

Mayo told me that he's very hungry.

You're joking, right?


Little did she dream that her son would commit suicide.


Don't you have enough shoes?

I went to the airport by taxi.

Edgar is faced with a difficult choice.

Ramesh owns a theater.

Could you spare me a few minutes?

Markus didn't know what to do with the extra food.

All the kids lined up to have their faces painted.

It doesn't matter which, just pick three books.

Kikki does only what he wants to do.


Why would we want to punish you?

He speaks without an accent.

What office does Olson hold?


The sweater shrank in the wash.

Casey didn't say anything about himself.

Would you like to take a stroll around the park with me?

I've been there before.

Get a hammer and nails.


He is a hard worker.

Should I be worried about her?

People really feared him.

Horst urged me to do that.

I will kill you.

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This apple tastes sour, doesn't it?

She is always full of her own affairs.

I'll try to remember that.


I missed the movie. Did you watch it?


Through what does this road go?

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Health is better than wealth.

Giving up what you want is hard, but sometimes we have no other choice.

We could have our tea in the garden, were it a little warmer.

Thirteen homes have been destroyed.

Where exactly did this happen?

Gretchen is a very sociable person.

Hey, are you crazy?

Ofer likes the idea.

Why don't you look in on Mr Anderson on your way back?

He repeated his question.

Have you known her long?

We need six drink containers.

She passed the entrance examination to the girl's high school.

When will that mystery be cleared up?

He shook hands with the girl.

You're lying.

Do you have classes with Nigel?

If you go fishing tomorrow, I will, too.

This is our house.