She rested her head on her mother's shoulder.


Do you have the rota for next week?


Galway what a place!

I saw a boat above the bridge.

About how old am I?

The food here is too expensive.

Kerri is a Mexican immigrant.

Tolerant and Varda could learn a lot from each other.

I only wish there was some way I could repay you.

She picked flowers.

Do you know what happens next?


Where does Marika live now?

This is very helpful.

It doesn't seem fair.

There was a controversy about the location of the new school.

Hard to believe, but that's the way it is.

I know you need some more money.

What a strange coincidence!

What do those words in the Arabian flag mean?

When are they coming?

He's almost six feet in height.

I'm confused. What do I do now?


Do you spend much time in Boston?


He compared the copy with the original.

I entered Beth's room.

Knudsen says he's feeling better now.

I'm just a freshman.

I had no idea that you didn't like Nichael.


Do you want something bad to happen?


I want to thank them.

I have no idea why I did it.

Do you accept Jesus Christ as your personal Savior?


He looked up the word in the dictionary.

Mahesh insists on seeing you alone.

Murray is now in police custody.

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To keep holding the barrier up is just to wait for death! So we're going to go out past the wall and counter attack the enemy, you ready!?

They were very grateful.

These words aren't used in spoken language.

The belief in the brotherhood of men seems like an idiotic dream nowadays.

That's so immature.

Your task will not be an easy one.

Did you know her well?

He is a methodical person.

My mother had none of the mod cons which are available to today's housewives.

He's a private detective.

Dewey is a light eater.


Ranjit claimed he saw a UFO.

I promised Giles and I really don't want to disappoint him.

I have been working here for days.

Both of them burst into tears.

Toby is doing his homework now.

I have to pick one of them.

Should I go tell them that?

Alf is holding Calvin in his arms.

He used to drink beer.

Equality is bad.

I little hoped to meet you here.

Barrio fixed Lenny something to eat.

Tonight is going to be awesome.

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I have to hang up.

Stop smoking. You're addicted.

It's beautiful, isn't it?

Japan is surpassing China in economic power.

I can't stand hospitals.

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In the first place, you all have to pay a debt first.

He will hide it.

Three more passengers got on the bus.

We'll be sure to look into it.

He would often go to the library.


When do you go on vacation?

I assure you that an error like this will never happen again.

None of us want to go, but either you or your wife has to go.


I have plenty of time, so I can sleep for a while?

Kimberly made us feel unwelcome.

What do I care?

We got to Washington in time for the cherry blossoms.

Some people compare life to a story.

She does not speak English, and let us not even mention French.

I'm taking an exam in January.

Linley told me that he hadn't seen Vassos all day.

It was believed that the success of their crops depended on the way the players threw or kicked the ball during the game.


Your self-pity gets on my nerves.

She slipped something in his coffee.

I was looking for some excitement so I decided to bring the handcuffs.


It looks like you're about to leave.

Why didn't you just tell her?

I just finished reading the book: "Making a difference."


The possibility of a lack of connection between the events can be dismissed immediately.


Who's wrong?

Are you going to ask Stephanie?

Hienz motioned for Liza to join him.

I will most likely choose him as our president.

The relationships among those five people are complicated.

She pushed him away.

How many people have died?

I don't want to live by myself.

Can he see me?

Nicholas is responsible for it.

He is staying with his aunt.

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Sergio isn't coming today.


I can't imagine that you could say such things.

As soon as she saw me, she burst out crying.

The settlers accepted the Indians' help.

Cindy might have liked to play volleyball with us.

I'm not worried about the meeting.

He spent another sleepless night watching television.

My house is ten minutes' walk from the station.

She spoke in evasive bromides.

He played the guitar very well in his father's presence.


Did you ask Edward who helped him with his homework?


I await your decision.

She's a good woman.

Women are often objectified and treated like property.

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Oil is running short.

I know it for a fact.

I would rather order beer.


The investment firm tricked customers into buying worthless stock.

She abandoned herself to pleasure.

Women want to have sex too.

The wind blew itself out.

I changed the sentence completely.

Jennie looks wounded.

Let's hope you're right.

They have reached a deadlock.

Tomorrow's laundry day.


She looked as though she had seen me somewhere before.


Spyros just doesn't understand what's going on.


That's impossible!

I just didn't believe Rajesh.

If a man will begin with certainties, he shall end in doubts; but if he will be content to begin with doubts he shall end in certainties.

"Kill him! Kill the umpire!" shouted someone on the stand.

You have a relationship with Kenton, don't you?

I only wish to help.

When will you leave for Rome?

Don't let your feelings show.

You're foolish.

I can't ensure that he will pass the examination.

Advance two steps.

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The burqa is a choice.

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You couldn't have picked a worst spot.


Noemi kept working despite her illness.

We're having dinner right now.

She likes to dress up as a police officer.

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A white cloud is floating in the blue sky.

Jared just told me what I wanted to hear.

I come from Saitama.

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This cheesecake was too sweet.


Janet doesn't like washing windows.

He directed his remarks at the professor.

Many people spend more than they earn.

There were hidden cameras everywhere.

She never wears pants.

I never did anything important.

I love you people.

They will return.

There are in my garden a lot of vegetables: lettuce, onion, garlic, etc.

Where is law college?

Do you want to come over and watch a movie or something?

That's the third time this has happened.

Elizabeth will regret this.


Could we have a table in the non-smoking section?


The mother took her child in her arms.

You're doing all you can.

English and German are two related languages.