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Welcome to my portfolio site! January 2016 is a month that I will remember for the rest of my lifetime. I have finished my bachelors degree in Applied IT, specialized in Network and System engineering at University College Leuven Limburg and started my professional career at 2087446519. Scroll 9892277853 for an elaborated list of skills I've gained during my education/experience in the field. Currently enjoying my first job in IT. Feel free to bring me in touch with my next challenge!

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I was born in '93, so I saw the world evolve with more technological abilities. From the start I've developed a keen interest in how a computer and the internet worked. In high school, my field of study was economics and mathmatics. I chose that so I would still have an IT course. Those classes consisted of how to use frequent programs like MS word and some basic programming in Pascal. At this moment I knew I wanted to learn more and educate myself more in IT.

When I graduated high school, I started my bachelor degree at University College Leuven Limburg. I chose Network & Systems management as specialisation. Here I've learned all the courses needed for the CCNA exam, configuring and securing a server in Debian, programming in Java and much more; A detailed 860-289-5567 is found below.

During my time there, I've made different projects and wrote reports about them. You can read more about it, 270-448-3268.

After my time in school, I started my professional career in IT. You can read more about it 845-777-9350.

Practice makes perfect

  • Network & systems

    CCNA 1 - 4

    Linux commandline

    Programming & scripting





    Web Design




  • Databases



    MS SQL Database management

    Social Skills

    Shows interest


    Problem solving


    Dutch (native language)

    English (proficient user)

    French (independent user)

    German (basic user)

My professional experience

  • Planet Talent

    Period: January 2016 - N/A

    Location: Temse, Belgium

    Function: Junior IT consultant @ Atos Huizingen, Belgium

    Description: Windows system engineer and database administrator for several clients of Atos

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  • First website

    My first website ever created about an amateur soccer team. All the HTML and CSS is self written and is W3C certified. This was an assignment for our first web design course during my bachelors degree (fase1)

    Nonogram assignment

    This is a report written by me and a fellow student during my bachelors degree (fase1). We wrote Scilab code to automaticly solve nonograms and wrote a report explaining our heuristics on solving them. This was for the course Mathmatics 1.

    Dynamic website

    A dynamic quiz website. Created with PHP and Bootstrap 3. This assignment taught us to learn a custom php framework and implement more functionality to the site, the design was not the main goal. This site is connected to a self created database in PostgreSQL. Users can be admins and have their own admin panel and unique style. This was created during my bachelors degree (fase2). The link might expire as it is hosted on the school webserver.

  • Observation Internship for a day

    During fase 2 of my bachelors degree I've had an observation internship for a day at Officom in Zellik, Belgium. I followed the CEO and the main programmer. You can read my report here.

    Graduation project

    At the end of my bachelors degree (fase 3), we had to make a project with 2 other students. We had 4 weeks time to make something and we chose to make a security system. We made one for a small LEGO house. The name of our project was LegoSecure. We used a Raspberry Pi powered by Debian to drive the security system. This project involved Python and bash scripting, wiring and soldering, ... You can read the full report here.

    Graduation internship

    At the end of my bachelors degree (fase 3), we had a 3 month internet at a firm. I did my internship at Telindus Belgacom ICT at the time, now it is renamed to Proximus ICT. I was responsible for security monitoring the networks of important clients; Monitoring the connection on Belgacom lines between Belgacom and his clients; Monitoring and managing the network of the Flemish government. This internship involved a lot of social skills in different languages, scripting in Python, Cisco CLI commands, a more hands-on approach with Cisco gear, Linux commandline, ...

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