He is very fast.

Please remember to wake me up at seven tomorrow morning.

He said he would have come.

You saw the whole thing, right?

My friends gave us a whirlwind tour of Paris.

I've got no money.

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We have many varieties of coffee.

Dory is the one who usually takes out the garbage.

I made you a sandwich.


I like this colour.

I wish I hadn't spent all my money.

Her late husband was a violinist.

Kieran was unaware that June had already left.

I think you're quite right.

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This washing machine is very energy-efficient.

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When I was strolling along the beach this morning, I found this bottle.

I thought Jarl would be awake by now.

The United States needed ten years of embargo in order to weaken Iraq.

I like to travel and meet new people.

I think you'll like this one better.


We ought to look the world straight in the face.

Florian and Jesse are a perfect match for each other.

Oranges signify a happy love, while lemons - an unrequited one.

Would you all like another cup of tea?

John can't play the guitar.

I listened to Tarmi.

This area is known for its beautiful scenery.

My father often goes abroad on business.

It's been a long time since I've worn a tie.


Just tell Edmond what's in your heart.

John was born in a hospital and he died in a hospital.

I was most impressed by his good behavior.


The chief pronounced that the technique was inadequate.

I need to call my supervisor.

I'm happy to be here.

There's no reason to complain.

The baby cried for milk.

I am a busy person.

Vice didn't want to think about it.

Ronni hit a deer on the highway.

Aimee denied that allegation.

Her classmates made fun of her.

It seems unlikely, but maybe it'll happen.

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I'll ask you once more.

If it bleeds, it leads.

She was so pretty that I was momentarily paralyzed by the sight of her.

I'll see her later today.

Let's call Bjorne and tell him we need to reschedule.

It's important that we find Siping.

It was a trap.


I'll stay with Duke.

We could do it together.

You can see that the house is solidly built.

My heart is pounding.

Is this your flight?

I woke up at eleven o'clock.

All he can do is to support himself.

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I told her to leave.


Do you think I'd leave now?

Liyuan looks contrite.

Tell me you were adopted.

That's none of your business!

Timothy held onto Edwin.

She was brave and cheerful, and always made little of her troubles.

I could only answer three of the questions that Nici asked.

Do not take a picture of me!

The old people were taken good care of.


You may see us there.

I went to sleep as soon as I got home.

Shortly after coming back to France, he decided to abandon his career as an economist in order to dedicate himself to his true passion: writing, in Spain.


He has been absent since last Monday.


Please ask the secretary to stock the office supplies in the storage room.


Danny seems to be completely lost.

You've aroused my interest.

He doesn't go to school anymore.

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Jef isn't wealthy.


I didn't say anything.

Andrea can't have said that.

Would you mind telling where you got this?


He believed the superstition that Christians were averse to learning.

Hurf car-pools with friends to save on parking fees in the city.

I just hope it works.


The mass has not yet been said.

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Vilhelm wrote to Mark about John.

On his return he found her daughter asleep.

Luxury goods are not essential.


Nobody wants to trust my country.


The correct use of prepositions will be the death of me.

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I will get even with you for this.

Choose the color you like the best.

Hsuan asked Kristin to take her jacket off.

They went to Edinburgh to escape from the summer heat.

Hearing about what other people are learning reinforces my own learning.

What happened to Tatoeba?

I know of her, but I have never met her.

I think we'd better wait a little longer for Dwayne.

He said to me, "Study hard, and you will pass the test."

Fay couldn't help overhearing Naoto and John's conversation.

Helge could go to jail for three years.

It was clear to Herbert that Keith wasn't going to change her mind.

Have you decided on a name for your baby?


It's worthless junk.


I don't know why you want me to do this.


Kill the goose that lays the golden eggs.

Debbie, is your school near here?

You can't be serious! He's no more a doctor than I am.

I am vehemently opposed to political correctness.

I don't like Pierre in there.

More play will mean less time to study.

Andy must have practiced very hard.

When the landlord's away, the tenants will play.

I didn't know it was there.

Rajesh didn't like Mayo very much.

You should call for a doctor.


There are hills, a little museum, a public garden and a big church.

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All of these apples are very sweet.

Am I ready?

These pictures were taken three months ago.

Malaclypse is writing a new book.

Bert is taking notes.

He raised an eyebrow quizzically.

There is a very old temple in the town.

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Ok, everyone has left to go file a patent!

He adores it.

I like you, too.

Before you make a decision about your marriage, you should have a consultation with your parents.

I want to think for myself.

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That's a legitimate question.

It might be too late to do anything about that.

The surgeon amputated the wrong leg.


Whether it's good or not, let's do it anyway.

Teri poured Marion some more wine.

Have you and Indra talked about what happened?

I have nothing to say on this matter.

Do you know what the problem with that is?

Work doesn't always begin at nine.

I didn't know how to do it.

They were outraged.

The soup is cold.

This is intriguing.

In the long run oat flakes with advocaat for breakfast will knock everybody's socks off.

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This steel is stainless.


Lisa assured Walt that he'd help her paint the ceiling of her kitchen.

Is love just a game for you?

We must consider his youth.

They divorced by mutual agreement.

You don't look your age.

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I'll visit my uncle in Boston next month.

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Although Anatole knew that Justin was married, she tried to seduce him.

They cancelled the festival.

That can't be her.

I'd never seen Stacy drunk before.

You can't see what I can see.

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The police identified Dan by his fingerprints.

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The judge pardoned him.

It is no good talking about it.

Alastair told everybody at work that he was going to retire.

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How many kinds are there?

Charley saw one once.

The walls are very thin.


He kept complaining so much, without doing anything to help, that I finally had to tell him to fish or cut bait.