I thought you wouldn't like Boston.

The weather forecast says that it's going to snow this evening.

We found out that the house is infested with garter snakes. They're everywhere.

You're doing an excellent job.

Maybe I should spend a few minutes with The alone.

Which train are you catching?

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The road was crowded with various vehicles.

It was a tragic accident.

Sanand is thinking about what he should do next.

I like all films that Juzo Itami directs.

She did it while she was drunk.

It's OK to eat the rest of the cake if you want.

You people are amazing.

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The white spots on Saturn are believed to be powerful storms.

That's really what you want?

I'd like to ask Franklin to answer a few questions.

Lorien wanted Saul to forgive John for what he had done.

I had some things to take care of.

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Don't hold back.

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Keisuke is taller than me.

She didn't waste any time, did she?

Mummy is buying me a toy.

God is the creator. Heaven and Earth and people and everything apart from God are created.

"Are these your books?" "No, they're not mine."

Thank you a lot for this information.

They've got guns.

What did Marcos and Lenora quarrel about?

Let's talk to Spyros and find out what he thinks.


You can stay here till the snow stops.

Noam wasn't wearing anything.

There was revelry at Himawan's house.

I will eat century egg.

I kind of lost my focus.

I regret not having been honest with you.

Are you confused now?


I've a lot of sleep to catch up on this week.


Give the clothes a try.

I'll be gone for a while.

If you want to come over, call first.

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Venus is only slightly smaller than the Earth and Mars is bigger than half of Earth.

Mechael said it was raining.

Don't let Juan near my kids.


I'm not sure what you were thinking.


What are they waiting for?

Consider yourselves lucky.

That's how I know.


Tell Jeanette when to come.

Bernie must be very tired.

It could've been better.

They really did win.

Moran loves playing old computer games.


Since he was tired, he went to bed early.

His presence of mind deserted him.

Shihai is carrying a Chinese grammar book to go to Teacher Wang's place and ask questions.


I bet I know what you want.

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We should discuss about it face to face with the director.

Albert asked the wrong questions.

My watch loses two minutes a day.


I would do it in a different way than you did.

He has a nice house and nice car. He must be happy.

It was very lucky that you came today.

I miss talking with them.

Shari is here in this hospital.

Oh no, it's her again.

I have a sore tooth at the back, on the left.


Do I have your attention?

My credit card was stolen on the subway.

Let's handle this one problem at a time.


It's touch and go.

That isn't what I meant.

Hero worship is a dangerous thing.

He's also just a politician.

She told her troubles to him.

You're not my assistant.

What's the matter, love?

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I fell in love with someone my parents didn't like.

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I won't cook for Hector.


That's good enough for me.

Jane objected to our decision.

Elisabeth took a self-defence class.


Where can I find toothpaste?


My wife's constant nagging is getting me down.

Look up page 50 in the textbook.

I persuaded the policeman not to shoot the monkey.

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Let's work together.

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Let's do dinner tomorrow.


Little Tuk was left at home to take care of his little sister, Gustava, who was much younger than himself.


I am taking her out to dinner this evening.

I work here now.

Vistlik slumped in his chair.

You're stronger than the rest of us.

Nowadays many people travel by car.

I'd like to see them at 2:30.

Bruno is full of surprises today.

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The grass in the park is green and beautiful.


Beavers were nearly eliminated from this area.

Waking up is the opposite of going to sleep.

This department store is closed today.

I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to talk with you yesterday.

Sales will continue to grow.

I wake up at half past five in the morning.

Anderson can't be much older than Panos.


Spy satellites tracked the truck in real time.


Two riders sped past me, and soon vanished in the distance.

I'm never getting married.

Do not say "wait".

The police are investigating what happened here.

Tonight I plan to go to a concert.


There is no need for a comma in this sentence.

There was a light rain yesterday.

I'm currently a teacher at this school.

What does that mean exactly?

Jose publicly insulted me.

I wish I was able to tell the difference.

Did you enjoy your holiday?

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I make a bargain with him over the price.

My shoes are the same size as his.

I have an old car.

Frank has a nice personality.

The result was really satisfying.


What I'm going to do is study French.

Even cold oden are pretty good.

Susan burst into tears.

We're going to leave you alone.

I didn't know who was going to meet me at the airport.


This beef is good.

We have to keep it a secret.

Take Harvey to the station.


How do people like you get to be people like you?

Julianto was very impressed.

Hello, what is your name?


In summer, they used to play on the beach all day long.

Strange to say, he saw the ghost of his father.

I asked Horst why he was sad.

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I'd love an explanation.

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He speaks neither English nor French.

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Where can you eat well and cheaply?


You should complement your nutrition with vitamins.

Blake's prints were on the gun.

I want to focus on the future.

Boyce handed a note to me.

We'd better hurry. I don't want to be late for the concert.

How did you know he wasn't me?

I haven't found my keys yet.

Pack your stuffs dear. I ordered plane tickets for us. We will spend honeymoon in Paris.

Ima doesn't seem to want our help.


Many happy returns to all who bear the name of a flower!

They go shopping.

Sarah isn't interested in becoming famous.


Has he got a dog?

The woman is right.

Mr. Children is very popular among young people.

That was terrific.

I appreciate your advice.


You shouldn't demean people who aren't as smart as you are. Remember: no matter how smart you may be, there will always be someone even smarter.

If there is a right to life then there must be a right to death as well, otherwise the right to life wouldn't be a right but a duty.

He was completely taken in by the story.