Negotiation Mastery For The Legal Pro

Case-Winning Mediation Advocacy and
Advanced legal Negotiation Skills Training

Mediation advocacy is arguably one of the most important legal skills of the 21st century. Because the courts are closing, you are probably spending a lot more time in mediation than standing in front a jury. It makes sense, then, to sharpen your mediation advocacy skills.

That’s why California Attorney of the Year, master mediator, and acclaimed teacher 7245628304created Negotiation Mastery for the Legal Pro as a new ONLINE course — with streaming videos and easy-to-download supporting documents so you can follow along at your own pace.

 During the year Doug spent producing this course, he found himself saying, "I wish someone had taught me this 35 years ago." Now you don't have to learn the hard way; you can learn from his experience and expertise.

 The biggest insight you will get from this course is how important working knowledge of other disciplines are in your mediations and negotiations. These disciplines include:

  • Behavioral economics
  • Decision theory
  • Game theory
  • Social psychology
  • Cognitive neuropsychology

As a whole, all of these disciplines are deeply influenced by neuroscience, telling us so much about how our brains actually work in settlement negotiations. This knowledge can give you deep insight into your opponent's negotiation behaviors and strategies--and into your own!

Of course, none of this is taught in law school.

The great news is that Doug has done all of the work for you. He has distilled all of his academic knowledge and decades of professional experience into practical skills that you can apply immediately. In about one Saturday's worth of time, you can gain a tremendous advantage over your opponent in your next mediation.

More importantly, you will be surprised at how quickly you will forge consistent, successful mediation outcomes… over and over again.

Negotiation Mastery for the Legal Pro is approved in California and Florida for 9 hours of MCLE credits, including 2 hours of Ethics and 1 hour of Elimination of Bias. So you’ll be mastering essential mediation advocacy skills and meeting your State Bar requirements at the same time.

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Here is your 100% satisfied money-back guarantee:

  • Take the course within 30 days of purchase
  • Do not take MCLE credit
  • Email us a request for your money back!

We will refund your purchase price--no questions asked.

For $499, you receive:

  • 45 video lectures
  • 137 page e-Book
  • 5 downloadable forms
  • MCLE certificate upon completion
  • 9 hours of MCLE, 2 hours of Ethics, 1 hour of Elimination of Bias (CA & FL)

As an additional benefit, students of Negotiation Mastery for the Legal Pro receive free enrollment in monthly one hour webinars Doug presents on advanced legal negotiation skills. Each webinar is an additional hour of approved MCLE in California. Non-students pay $49.99 for each webinar. Click Here to Learn More About the Webinars.



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