We apply Math on the Data.

Machine Learning, NLP, ChatBots, Data Mining, Predictive Modelling, Search Algorithms Models

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Our Services

We provide wide range of machine learning solutions to differnt sectors, like medical, e-commerce and predictive models solutions.
Our main aim is to provide to intelligence solutions to our client, so they can make smart decisions.

For Live Demo of Various Machine Learning Applications please check dive into our lab



Our Domain Specific NLP Chatbots can reduce the workload and give response to the customers in seconds.

Recommender system

Increase the value and engagement of your customers with AI-driven recommendations model by predicting the customer behaviour.

Text Classification

Classifying large corpus of text data on different dynamic labels, which can be used to understand meaning of text and user needs.

Image and Video Classification

Our trained model classify and label target object in different domains, it's let us analyse the content of the object.

Search Algorithms

Our Domain Specific search API help user to find their desired products very easily in large set of products.

Other Models and Data Mining

It's very hard to define our work in few categories, we work on large unstructured data set, clean it (not by hand ) and extract meaningful information, and build predictive model on the top of it.

Amazing Features

Working with us, will not only give you solutions of the current problem
but it enables you how to add intelligence at every step of decision making.

Flexible Customized Api

We build our Api on Microservices structure so that it can easily fit in your code base.

Fully Responsive

We will available to you anytime after the project, beacuse we love problems more than solutions.

Continuous learning Model

We keep improving our models by learning new features and applying on diversified data and domains.

Build End to End system

We work form the idea stage to complete solution phase, and provide a holistic approach.

Ensemble Model

We apply different Machine Learning algorithms, try to create ensemble models, so that our accuracy is best.

Out of Box Idea

We like to hear out of box and weird problems related to data, don't worry if u don't have the data, we will both search for it.

Our Works

We have build various custom solutions for companies using Machine Learning.
Here the glance of our work.

For Live Demo of Various Machine Learning Applications Please check dive into our lab


An AI powered medical chatbot which can talk to patient, and give information about health and doctors availability

A model which can predict the differnt kind of cancerous disease from image and clinical text.

An Advance search API which based upon fuzzy and phonetic logic, powered by own customized keywords, to help the user to find their product easily .

An AI powered Instagram chatbot which can talk to your fans and reply according to it, it will increase your brand engagement.

An Chat based personal assistant Hound, which will keep track of your monthly expenses and billing.

A Recommendation system which analyse the user behavior on your site and app, and with the help of data it increase the diameter of conversion funnel.


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