She took offence at something.

That's what's got me worried.

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How come you've never helped us before?

He has decided to become a pilot.

She laid hands on her own child.

Poverty does more to bring out the worst in people and conceal the best than anything else in the world.

His notion of welfare is pretty abstract.


I proved her wrong.

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I didn't buy anything.

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Who else knows?

The company's immediate priority is to expand the market share.

It bears fruit, but it seems it may even set root from cuttings?

Are you going to show me where you work?

She'll give her photo to whoever wants it.


You're messing up with the wrong guy, babe.

How much longer will we have to wait?

It's something I can't understand.

John is not the man that he was three years ago.

The house could accommodate two families.

The ostrich has wings, but it cannot fly.

Isn't this fun, Vernon?

As compared with the English, we are too near-sighted.

Srinivasan's parents died when he was thirteen.


Same here.

This statement is false: I go to the market because the car is broken.

Once the Sultan ruled over today's Turkey.

What are you doing here, Francis? Miki doesn't want to see you.

I wish I had an apathy-inducing superpower, although I probably wouldn't care enough to use it.

Celeste's blood type is O negative.

This will be the book he is looking for.

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She will be late for dinner.

How long is this visa good for?

When was the last time you fell off the bed?

Why doesn't Gale want to go with us?

Mikey pushed Russ toward the door.


I'm not making excuses.

He held a package under his arm.

Johnathan heard from Anatole several months ago.

Will was careful not to make too much noise.

Nobody asked.

He always was a very haughty boy. His parents didn't seem to mind.

Christopher wanted Griff to help him in the garden.


Arnold would never do something like that.

Get your things together.

I don't need to sleep a lot.

I'll find one later.

You say you had a nibble, it looked to me like you'd polished it off.

We just want a second opinion.

'can' is an auxiliary verb, so in question sentences it is brought to the start of the phrase.


Blair went to a cheesemonger's shop to buy some cheese.


I have dinner plans with her.

You see some trees in front of the school.

I was hungry and you've given me something to eat.


Bert pushed his dog into the closet and closed the door.


I've got exactly 13 dollars in my pocket.

This is the most beautiful season.

At least we had fun.

That is flammable.

The bus arrived empty.

I came here to see if there was something I could do to help, but there doesn't seem to be anything for me to do.

I ate something funny when I was in China.


Jock made it clear that he didn't want to see Milo.

Whaat? No, of course not.

She came home three hours later.

John has been sentenced to three consecutive life sentences.

Please remind me to post the letters.

I am not insisting on it. If you don't like it, just don't take it.

They know who we are.

I don't know why I bother trying to help you.

If it's all right with you, I'd appreciate your not bringing up the subject. We don't want to hear about it.

I finally understood the importance of foreign languages.

Blayne gave an evasive answer.

She stayed there for a short while.

I'm so hungry, I ate it.

I knew I should've given you a stronger dose.

Deb and Tomas look familiar.

Vidhyanath went back inside to get his coat.

I'm the one responsible for the accident.


The guy over there has been undressing me with his eyes since we walked in the door.


This list is inclusive of the past members of the group.

You guys are stupid, huh?

OK, I will come pick you up at four o'clock.

She walked away without acknowledging me.

This skirt hangs nicely.

Germany has good football players.

Tell her to not look for me.

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Andrew seems rejuvenated.


Drew looked like a weight lifter.


We believe it was possible that Sanford poisoned Lindsey.

I'd like an 80-yen stamp, please.

I'm starting to get hungry.


I liked Christian's first book more than the second.


Clarence might not know what he's supposed to do.


The police never showed up.

It has been snowing on and off.

Is everything arranged for tomorrow?


Let's do this properly.

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Joy was manifest on the child's face.


An evening glow often promises good weather.

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I tried to talk to him.


It's already ten o'clock at night.

Arthur washes the kitchen curtains twice a year.

She'll ruin her clothing.

Even though it sounds strange, what she said is true.

You look perfect.

Don't say such a thing.

These colors harmonize very well.

I have a small favor to ask of you.

Help! I'm drowning!

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Maybe I am like him, or maybe you are. Maybe everyone is.


Jean can't be hungry. He's just eaten dinner.

Nothing is wrong with Naren.

I love the sound of church bells.

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Did anyone call me while I was out?

Here is my baggage.

What is "Tatoeba"? Is it some kind of new trend?


He's a cheat and a liar.

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Keiko, any buttered toast?


Are these all the same?


I'm trying to be reasonable.


You remember Jeany and Malaclypse, don't you?


Maybe it's time to tell Bert we're getting divorced.


Lex won't talk about what happened.

Phil sewed the button back on.

You go right ahead.

You must go, like it or lump it.

There being no taxis, I had to walk.

I'm sure you'll do very well.

I just redecorated.


We were all wrong.

Some people made fun of my situation.

You're agitated.

Relief has been sent to the flood sufferers.

The picture on the wall was painted by Picasso.

What've I ever done to you?

I'm going on a run.

Stay off the grass.

Those who spend too much time traveling become strangers in their own country.


Uri and Louie split up after being married for three years.


Two o'clock would be OK.

Dan lost his money to a swindler.

Why don't you follow your sister's example for just once?


I never should've hired Isabelle.

Do you have classes this Friday?

I always thought Rafik was funny.

Let's shell the nut.

Presley reads science fiction as a form of escapism.

Dan didn't even lock his doors.

When it comes to my supervisor, he's very inconsistent, so we never get any work done.


Norbert holds Rolf in high esteem.

My house is only five minutes' walk from the station.

John has not come yet, but when he does, I will call you.

Actions speak louder than words. Stop complaining and do it.

Kitty made me go.

Glenn doesn't know who to ask.

Tricia sat reading a book.


Don't be angry at his words.