Our Mission

The mission of GOPALS is to spread joy by doing good–the first by creating a small stuffed friend that never leaves a child’s side, the second by supporting the UN Foundation's Shot@Life campaign.

Ten percent of the profits from every GOPAL sold will go toward this very worthy cause, which provides life-saving vaccines to children all over the world. Last year, over 1.5 million children died from vaccine-preventable diseases, and our hope is that with your support that number might be dramatically reduced.

This work is personal to my family. Several years ago, I lost a husband—and my daughter Piper a father—to cancer, after having fought the disease with everything from radiation to chemotherapy. Ultimately, we weren’t able to save my husband, but these children can be saved. Please join us in the effort to rid the world of preventable diseases and save other families from the devastating loss of a loved one.

If you’d like to learn more about Shot@Life or become a Shot@Life Champion like my daughter, please click on this link.


Lorrie Vogel

Our Team

Meet the motley crew that made GOPALS happen

LORRIE team member

Chief Amazement Officer

Ringleader of all things… GOPALS.

Piper team member

Director of Do Good

In charge of selecting an appropiate charity and being a Shot@Life Champion.

Cole team member

Director of Make it Cool

Responsible for being the voice of reality (e.g., “They have to be more fun, Mom, and the logo needs some cool eyes on it.”)

Riley team member

Director of Work-Life Balance

Constant reminder of the need to take breaks. Usually pee breaks.

About Us

Every parent knows the fear and panic that accompanies a child’s loss of a beloved stuffed animal.

Somewhere while traveling between Seattle and Portland–we never figure it out where–my daughter Piper’s favorite plush toy, Midnight, just disappeared. The loss was devastating to my six-year-old, who never went to bed without her favourite cat. “Right then it occurred to me: our phones are mobile, computers are mobile, why can’t plush toys be mobile too?”

Fast forward 11 years. My six-year-old daughter is now 17, she has a 12-year-old brother, and their mom had spent more than 20 years as a top Footwear and Apparel Designer for Nike. And so one night–after my kids and I watched a few too many episodes of Shark Tank–we decided it was time to make my idea a reality.

Together we worked to design a plush toy that travels everywhere a child goes, a stuffed animal that fastens securely to any backpack. GOPALS happily tag along on every trip–to school, sleepovers, vacations and more. And parents rest easier knowing that their child’s favourite friend will never leave their side.