Snow as a Service

Ship Snow to your family, friends and enemies... Guaranteed Snow on arrival in all 50 states!

White Christmas!

12 lbs of Snow

Guaranteed Snow on Christmas Day!


  • Overnight shipping included! Arrives on 12/24.


  • 2-day shipping included! Arrives on 12/24.

Snowman in a Box

12 lbs of Snow

Includes a Carrot, and lots of Coal for eyes & mouth!


  • Overnight shipping included!


  • 2-day shipping! *


$24.99 + shipping

Was Jimmy a bad boy this year? Reward him with a handful of coal straight from Virginia... Merry Christmas little guy!

Don't have a little Jimmy? Revenge ship your enemies, ex, or your boss an anonymous package. Each shipment includes a FREE handwritten message. Write whatever you want and we'll relay the message -- no matter what!

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Ship Snow, Yo is back!

With winter approaching fast, we've decided to re-launch our snow shipping services early! This season we've expanded our snow shipping efforts to ship from Vermont, Colorado and of course... Historic Boston, MA!

Until Boston receives snow, all of our packages are sent from Vermont or Colorado.

Our network of shippers are on call ready to hike up the mountain slopes to pack fresh powder! 9852465787 area and were anticipated to have unloaded over a foot of snow yesterday. Our shippers confirmed today there was 4-6 inches of fresh snow, and even more dropped in the mountains!

A big addition to the product lineup this season is the "White Christmas" package, guaranteeing snow for Christmas Day! Send the most unique gift your friends and family will truly enjoy... who doesn't want to see snow on christmas day?! Upgrade your package and include a DIY Snowman in a Box!

Too cheap to send some snow to your friend? Why don't you 616-297-9481 of Ship Foliage?!.

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Historic Boston Snow 3/15/2015

Bostonians supporting Ship Snow, Yo!

How do you Ship Snow?
Our Process

Our staff hand packs fluffy snow into temperature resistant and airtight plastic bags. The snow is packed as densely as possible to preserve the consistency. We then take these bags and packaged them into thick 1.5" styrofoam containers.

Once shipments are packaged, we ship your snow overnight and guarantee Snow on Arrival.

Pick up for all shipments is done by FedEx at 5pm, Monday through Thursday. We cannot ship your order over the weekend as the shipment will incur +1 day in transit. This will result in more of your snow melting further!

Orders take between 1 - 3 business days to package and ship. Please be patient as we're receiving a high volume of orders (thank you)! A member of our team will contact you to confirm your address and will issue you a tracking number when your shipment is sent.

We take every precaution to ensure that your snow doesn't melt prior to transit. Each product is packaged within 30mins of shipping!

Please read through our Frequently Asked Questions prior to ordering!

Frequently Asked Questions
Things you need to know before Ordering!

Is this real?
Of course it's real!

Your snow is guaranteed to arrive as snow anywhere in the United States!

Do not eat the Snow!
The snow may contain non-native microbes to your area, and should not be eaten.

This snow is intended to be used for snowballs, snowmen, and other play time activities. Have fun and watch your children playing with this snow. It's not recommended for kids under 4 years old.

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How does it work?
We pack snow & ship it.

Step 1: Packing.
We hand pack high quality snow into thick (1.5") Styrofoam container.

Step 2: Shipping
Once it's ready for shipping, we ship overnight (or 2-day shipping) via FedEx, UPS or USPS depending on the packages destination. We'll research and make sure your package ships and is delivered as fast as possible!

Order may take up to 1 weeks to process!. If you purchase the White Christmas box, your order is guaranteed to arrive on 12/24! If you have any questions about your order, please email 716-230-7768

Refund Policy
Just in case you don't want awesome snow any more.

It takes well over 100 hours for 14 lbs of snow to melt at 80° F. All shipments that arrive in 24hrs or 48hrs from departure are guaranteed to arrive as snow. The 2-day package the arrives on 12/24 will arrive late in the day and it's reccomended that you put the box in the freezer. We ship these packages with a couple of ice packs to elongate the snows lifespan.

We do not refund any orders that are delivered within 48 hours.

If your package is delivered and has transit delays causing it to melt (greater than 72 hours) we can resend an additional shipment free of charge, or refund your order 100%.

Lastly, you may request a refund any time up until your order is shipped. We will confirm your address prior to shipment, please let us know if you would like to upgrade or change your order.

Wicked snow.I'm lucky to own a piece of Boston history! I created the perfect snowball

Richard T.

I've always wanted to play with some snow in FL, Ship Snow Yo made it possible!!!

Carole W

My kids absolutely loved the snow, there was a lot when we opened the package... thanks Ship Snow yo!

Jessica H.

Boston Right Now
Snow is Everywhere!

Help us revolutionize the snow shipping industry and get this snow out of our city!


  • Buried
  • Snow so soft
  • Dog not included
  • Tons of Inventory!
  • Get this outta here!!
  • Happy Customers!

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Best way to reach Ship Snow, Yo is by email. Please direct all questions, comments and refund requests to: