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Be nice.

Are you new here?

There was no class due to a problem in the water supply of the school.

I haven't studied physics much all semester.

What if they're wrong?


I knew the end was nigh.

You have to endure a lot of hardships in life.

"What does the dog say?" - "Bow, wow."


May I be excused now?


There's another way out.

Pontus heard the sound of rain on the tin roof.

Syd is embarrassed by his son's behavior.


There used to be a coffee shop near the park.

The dictionary is incomplete. It only goes to the letter J.

What do you mean exactly?

Profit is better than fame.

My worst apprehensions have come true.


"Do you have your ticket?" "I can't find mine."

These problems are important to me.

Jill bakes bread once a week.

My pants fall down without a belt.

The rain kept the baseball team idle yesterday.

She had the nerve to speak out.

I know where you dwell.


I hate when my hands get too oily and messy.


Botulism, brucellosis, Lyme-disease and tetanus are infectious, but not contagious diseases.

Herman was three years old when this picture was taken.

It takes a lot of time getting used to married life.

She held him by the sleeve.

I'm not ready to go home.


You're just a kid.

Adrian refused to ask for directions.

Where did you dig that up again?

Tell us how you feel.

When in doubt, leave it out.

I don't feel like it now.

We're a great big happy family.

Why don't you put your clothes back on?

You helped us.

Where are you going to live?

Florian left after breakfast.

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The flowers in my garden have withered in the cold.

Boyd's parents told him that playing with fire was dangerous.

Ronni came yesterday.

Perhaps she does not know you.

"Women know fuck all about football." "Yeah? Well, men know fuck all about knitting."

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Dieter has apparently committed suicide.

How many years did it take to build the pyramids?

They wrote a lot of nasty gossip about him in the newspaper.

Its potential influence cannot be overestimated.

I was talking about him.


You would have to practice the violin every day.


I thought I was cool.

We're definitely going to do that.

Margaret Mead ascribes to the Balinese she studied an inability to follow complex directions. I ask, "What of her ability to express complex directions in Balinese?"

You're not being fair.

I wish everything Kyu said was a lie.

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Maurice gave up trying to persuade Nicolo to babysit his kids.

The empress is visiting Australia.

I want to go back to Miriam's.

I decided to just go for it.

The Japanese do not always make a bow as a mark of respect.

She always gives me the cold shoulder.

You really should eat before you leave.

Ram's body will be cremated.

Did you make out what he said?

The store is closing soon and is offering everything at half price.

I won't go down without a fight.

We can depend on Deb to get the report in on time.

I need Saify.

Juha doesn't know what this is called in French.

I just want to have fun.


Could you repeat that slower?

I think it's unnecessary.

His heart bounded with expectation.

Is it harder to forgive or to forget?

Who doesn't like the sound of that?

You can't use this washing machine.

Another patient has died.

Brodie is Japanese.

Linguistics is the discipline which aims to describe language.

A century ago, this was just a small farm town.

Major is really strong, isn't he?


What would you have said?


My father runs a restaurant.

Shut your filthy mouth.

Gale is good with puzzles.

I'm not looking for a favor.

She dared to ask for the results of the exams.

I think we need some time off.

They say fine words are no virtue if they're insincere and that's him in a nutshell. He's all talk but doesn't mean a word of it.

Frankly, I'm not that impressed with his idea.

Leif held Dave tight.

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That's common knowledge.

Maybe I went a little too far.

Rain is an infrequent occurance in this part of the country.


Why don't you do something constructive for a change?


You wish!

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Do we really want to do that?

Wait till I get my hat.

Did someone contact Toerless?

The mean value of the frequency decreases with increasing amplitude.

It will rain tomorrow.

Not a day goes by without our hearing of an environmental problem.

The hotel told Socorrito that no more rooms were available at the price that was advertised in the paper.


I'm loaded.

Wilmer is very interested in biology.

Would you get that, please?

He located the computer, poured in the sample and deposited the $10.00.

I'll come along.

It took a lot of energy to move the furniture.

A day without laughter is a day wasted.

There are in my garden a lot of vegetables: lettuce, onion, garlic, etc.

One of the American states is famous for its pineapples.


Look at this photo.

Check this out.

You can see the house was built steadily.

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Have you told him how you feel?


Are you still asking yourself what the meaning of life is?

We passed through Boston without stopping.

I can't eat or drink very hot things.

That's my sole concern.

I think Fred probably has a girlfriend already.


I missed the beginning of the movie.

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Come here and give it a look.


Liz said he thought that house was haunted.

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I think I should explain myself.


I spent a lot of time with him.

Ann is doing an invitation.

Walking in the park, I met a friend of mine.

Jack was born on August tenth.

Julianto knew exactly what he was doing.


She cooked us Chinese dishes last night.


Some people believe they can rewrite history.

Donald has finally had enough.

The station is in the center of the city.

I like your attitude.

Do you know how many millionaires live in Boston?

I enjoyed being in Boston.

You'll never know the truth.

You only have to make a few foreign friends to understand how harmful national stereotypes are.

Which do you prefer?

I will live in Sasayama next year.

He is the very man that I'm looking for.

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Why would anyone do that?

Roberta and I are normal.

He was glad the peace treaty was signed.

Nobody visits him.

My mother almost never complains.

He collected bits of information.

He is conservative in his habits.


I don't know whether she will show up.


I promise that I won't let anything happen to you.


I have in-growing eyelashes.

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Your name sounds familiar to me.


It was the best day of my life.

It went just as we expected.

You'll come to like her.

Barbra is looking in the mirror.

Smoking too many cigarettes and drinking too much alcohol is dangerous.

Money is not to be treated lightly. It is like toilet paper: when you need it, you need it badly.

Jane's parents were pleased about her appointment as a teacher at the school.