I'll do as you wish.


What was your question?

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He will have been working for five hours by noon.

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Argentina is the second largest country in South America.

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I'd kill you if I could.

You deserve to be congratulated.

I was afraid I was going to lose you.

I want that blue book on the top shelf. Could you get it for me?

Calcium is absent from his diet.


Can you turn that down?

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I should've written it down.

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Strictly speaking, you are wrong.

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I've had too much to drink.


Can you come pick me up?

I'm headed downtown.

I'm very shy.


Barry was asleep in his room.

We sure ate a lot of hot dogs today. I never want to see another hot dog as long as I live.

That'll cost about three hundred bucks.


Fantasy is based on reality.

We lost the bet.

When does Alvin need to be told?


Ann is listened to because of his persuasive power.

It's not too much.

Why is insurance important?


Call me tomorrow.

While in jail, Dan procured all sorts of cutting objects for fellow inmates.

I lead a regular life.

There are a lot of big cities in Brazil.

How do you usually handle a situation like this?

She went straight to bed.

How much is the rent for this room?

Would you mind telling me what you're doing here?

The brother writes.

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Kitty has very broad shoulders.

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Naren is never going to love you.


She has seven sons.


I wish I had enough money to buy a house like that.

A BLT sandwich is made up of bread, bacon, lettuce, tomatoes and mayonnaise.

What else could one do but remove it?

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Bert should have invited Ping, but he didn't.

We need to get to the airport.

He can't abstain from wine even for one day.

Just tell me the truth. I promise I won't get mad.

Naoto didn't want me to come to Boston.

Dogs can't distinguish between colors.

The dress brings out your eyes.

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I tried to open the door with all my force.

William just wanted to talk to Irfan.

My mother told me to mow the lawn.


Children love playing with squirt guns in the summer to stay cool.

"Have you got yourself a ticket yet?" - "No, have you?"

That's what they said on television.

He had the nerve to ask for money.

Aerodynamic surfaces are used to control the aircraft in roll, pitch, and yaw.

Karl has an attitude problem.

The deadline has passed.

I am very fond of lobsters, but they are very, very expensive.

Don't talk about us.


Permit me to stay.

Not my problem.

Wayne was asking about you.

Panos regrets not doing what his father recommended.

Many people signed in for the contest.

Maybe we should talk to him.

They suffer from muscle pains.


Laurence has only been here three months.

Forgive me if I have offended you.

The dog is sleeping on the porch.


I did warn her.

The tails of comets can reach 150 million kilometers in length!

They hate Ritalynne.

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I had my hat blown off by the wind.

I think it's time for you to leave now.

I made a paper plane.


They love Australia.


This is the hotel where we stayed last year.

Even though many women shave their legs, Kenton doesn't.

We are having a nice time in Rome.

This is my worst fear.

Christmas is a joyful time.


Do you know who that tall blonde girl in green is?


Do you know something about this?


Please call me Angela.

I could never do that to Oscar.

This used to belong to you.


It'll be cold.

A full moon is shining bright in the sky.

The air got cooler when I was coming back home on my bike.

Finally we have all field-names in the Norwegian and it will be of great help for our users.

I don't know the reason why Linder and Jong don't get along.

Is this for sale?

"How did she get in here?" Through the window".


All prayers are useless.


I'm not sure there's a God.

I enjoy chess.

Three people were slightly injured.

Malaria is carried by mosquitoes.

Sanand has done so much for me.

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I got there early and had the whole swimming pool to myself.

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You can't give Granville that.

Anne needs to be medicated.

I got what you asked for.

Bart's helicopter crashed on the edge of the town.

I'm extremely embarrassed that it has taken so long to reply.

I don't need a loan anymore.

Who's going to believe her?

Hand me that book, please.

Everett whistled a tune as he walked along the river.

We are tired of hearing you bragging about yourself, you little turkey cock!

Roman never expects a straight answer from Joachim.

Before the match, an opening ceremony was held in the Yoyogi stadium.

My nephew is allergic to eggs.


Tricia is very sneaky.


I can't come today, and not tomorrow, either.

Actually, it was pretty boring.

How was your date with Lenora?

It is beyond the boundaries of human intellect.

Donne told Granville that she should be nicer to John.

We received some sad news today.

Leon is expressionless.

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Education is very important.

Do you really want to talk about Susumu?

Suppose it rains, what shall we do?


I think it's an excellent idea.


The trip was canceled because of a terrible storm.


What's your question?

Eat your vegetables so that you will grow up to be big and strong.

The boat was equipped with radar.

Willie is a refugee.

The speaker brought the truth home to us.

In any case, I've already entirely forgiven you.

That house over there is where Earle lives.

The discussion went on till late at night.

I'd hoped to speak with Sridharan.

I'd like to have another cup of coffee.

I hope I find someone to help us.

These people can't be trusted.

You won't need that.

It was a weird game.

Ravi can't describe how fun it was.


I don't waste their money.

I left Boston three weeks ago.

I told you it wasn't him.

Sharon did his best, but he failed.

I'll just be a minute.

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Somebody has to hurry and quickly drive her to the hospital.


He was endowed with great talents.

I have no idea where we're supposed to be.

This is the very reason why I take no interest in art.

I can't believe Josip's already outgrown that pair of shoes.

He will have been working for five hours by noon.


The father and son met after a long separation.

Huashi wished he could tell Frederic about what had happened.

Tell me why you like Raanan better than me.