Sign up for campout this weekend

No meeting November 30th

Hi crew, there will NOT be a meeting this coming Thursday. Our next meeting will be December 7th. Thanks everyone!

(352) 609-2137

Dues R Due!

Please DO pay your $34 annual dues, which are due. Do not delay.

Due” it tomorrow night at the meeting!

dollar stacks

Crew meeting November 2nd!

Hey everyone! Crew meeting this coming Thursday! We’ll be doing realistic first aid! Come to Westlake Hills Prez. Church at 7:00!


Fun stuff! Come join Venture Crew 42! (Your participation looks great on college apps, too!)


We will NOT be meeting Thursday Sept. 7.  Our next regular meeting will be Thursday Sept. 21st and we MAY have a meeting before that.


Thursday August 24, 7pm at WHPC we’ll have a back-to-school ice cream social (INVITE FRIENDS and prospective members!)

See you there!

Camporee April 28-30!

Crew 42 is representing Australia in the “Rise of Nations” theme.  Our competition activity is “Stuff on the Barbie” – a fire building and cooking competition, our midway activity is “Australian Outback Obstacle Course” and our dessert is entitled “Baked Ostrich” but is actually the legit Aussie dessert “fairy bread”.

How do I sign up?  Use this form!!  SIGN UP BY WEDNESDAY 4/26 so we can buy enough food!

DHS needs $30 cash on that Friday to cover food and other camporee expenses.  We assigned out meals and other gear at the last meeting, but if you want to come just work out a tenting solution with someone and let Lily and DHS know.

BRING FRIENDS!  You are encouraged to invite friends for all the great daytime activities on Saturday!  They can arrive anytime and have to leave by dinner time but PLEASE have them email DHS so we can plan for them.


When and Where:

The Crew will meet at 6pm and depart by 6:30pm Friday from WHPC.

Visitors (and Crew members) can join Saturday anytime – just keep DHS posted on coming AND going so we don’t have to search for you.

Camporee will be at the Smilin’ V Ranch, 250 County Rd 286 Spur near Liberty Hill – about an hour from WHPC.

We will leave about 9am on Sunday the 30th and meet back at Chik-Fil-A at Westlake Village by 10am.  Stay tuned in case of early pull-out.

What to pack?  (229) 208-6849

Questions?  Contact Lily or DHS!


Hey everyone! Sorry for so much confusion with emails and meetings! Our meeting planned for tomorrow has been cancelled because there is a band conflict that ties up most of our members!

Some things about our Port A trip this weekend! If you are going here’s some information:

On Friday, we’re leaving from Westlake Hills Pres Church at 6:30 pm! So I would recommend getting there at six to pack your things into cars.

You will need enough money to buy a fast food dinner on the road Friday and money for souvenirs if you want to buy something. Your money payed for the rest of the food on the trip.

On Sunday morning we will be heading back at about 10:00 or 11:00 so parents should be ready to pick up at the church about 1:30 (we will have a more specific time as we finalize and figure things out)

Here’s a rough idea for what you should pack:

-two changes of clothes
-personal hygiene items (toothbrush, toothpaste, hair products, etc.)
-tennis shoes, flip flops
-a bag that can carry all of your belongings

You can text or email us with questions!

– Crew 42 leadership