Why are you so thin?

We'll be broke before we know it.

I'm not in the mood to help you.

I have an invitation.


All of Hank's friends laughed at me.

I think we need her.

You obviously haven't seen it.


There was once upon a time an old Queen whose husband had been dead for many years, and she had a beautiful daughter.


He made an important scientific discovery.

The house could accommodate two families.

My scars have your name.

I wrote this song just for you guys.

Why didn't Raman come?

I will come and see you when I get well.

Saying you can't do the job because you're too busy is just a cop out.


Please choose a stronger password.

Suppose you had ten million yen, what would you do?

Let me get you some water.

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I am so busy that I don't watch TV.


Alf's a yo-yo dieter, who's lost weight many times, only to put it back on again.

What's the last thing you were ever happy about?

Mike always remains calm.

Terrence says that he's tired.

I'll go with them.

These paintings are different sizes.

Barbara did nothing but complain.

Mike named his dog Spike.

This is your responsibility. It's not the kind of thing you can laugh off.

Let those who are in favor with their stars of public honor and proud titles boast, whilst I whom fortune of such triumph bars, unlooked for joy in that I honor most.

The train station is located downtown.

Are you children all right?

I knew you weren't OK with that.

Tell me you've got good news.

Nanda eats only raw vegetables.

Will you smile at the camera, please?

I'm going to brush my teeth.

They look relieved.

Please shake hands.


If you'd just asked me, I would've done it.

Rees is looking at the problem.

I faxed a map to him.


The meal is not salty.

Why did you have to do that?

I do not know what is going on between them.

You are no longer a baby.

He doesn't have any pets.

Do you like porn websites?

Rain is pouring.


Hong Kong is the least regulated economy in Asia.

I wish I could live in a house that nice.

The life lesson: giving people the benefit of the doubt can further your career and personal relationships!


That's just the problem.

This sentence allows for multiple interpretations that I had to consider when translating.

Would you like to go with me?

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That's for you to decide.


The purpose of advertising is to familiarize consumers with the name of a product.

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Their equipment is extremely advanced.


Is Gale over there with you?

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In the temple.

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Just what do you expect to find?

Is it just me or does he look a bit like Obama?

She touched my shoulder.


The child stopped crying and calmed down.

What's gotten into her?

Stop pretending that everything's okay. It's not.

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The knife is dirty.

He was deathly afraid of Barbies.

The long rain makes me sick.


Let's see what happens in the next couple of years.


Less than a week after school started, Vicki already had a hundred friends.

When it comes to girls, I pay much attention.

We have learned much about survival from lower forms of animal life.

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It's midnight.

Do not read such a book.

The war was over at the price of many lives.

Leif thought that Mah didn't want to play chess with him.

Rats have gnawed holes in the door.

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Give this book to Ramu.

Andrea is diplomatic, isn't he?

Get your own.


I'm eating fruits because I'm hungry.

Our car developed engine trouble on the way.

I don't want to do it anymore.

My father sat reading the evening paper.

When rain's fallen and the soil is moist, it becomes easier to pull out weeds.

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She seemed so much at ease in the saddle.

Can we call them now?

I am sitting at the table.

The feeling was mutual.

It's getting hard.


We should so act that we shall have nothing to regret.

Where have you been living?

Sekar is very hard-working.

Hi, Roger. I'm pretty good!

Love is like the measles. We all have to go through it.

Playing golf is great fun.

Old has a part-time job after school.


No wonder the retirement years are often referred to as the golden years.

Take a high-speed train for a long trip.

I spend a lot of time with her.

Mike tried to hide his surprise.

We watched the sun setting behind the mountains.


We didn't do anything special.

She stood as close to him as she could.

The sufferer of a cold may have spread the virus even before they noticed any symptoms.


It's a direct flight from Tokyo to London.

The event happened long ago.

He is in bonds.

He went to Yokohama in his beloved car.

They communicate with each other often by mail.

Ami certainly doesn't have any clue about how things work around here.

I just got married.

I've got to go to the police.

No more can be said.

I've never used a hacksaw before. Could you show me how?

I think we impressed Dan.

Cathryn's pajamas have a picture of a cute little red squirrel printed on them.

Don't carry more money than you need.

We can work something out.

My dinner just came back up to say hello.


They splashed each other playfully.


This chocolate is very sweet and delicious.

Maybe she wasn't talking about you.

The guests are drinking beer and wine.

Thuan seemed genuinely surprised when I told him that Hartmann had left town.

In my opinion, meditation is more tranquilizing than any medication.

I think I can spare a few minutes.

Mother told me that I had better not go out in such bad weather.


Xiaoli is the tallest in our class.

Can you wait here until I get back?

Philippines is called "Pilipinas" in Tagalog.


Paella often includes snails.

He is a man you can rely upon.

To help ensure accident-free operation, follow these guidelines.


They're only crocodile tears.

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I told you this would happen.


How do I get to the bus station?


Daryl managed to save me.


The latter view has many supporters in Japan.

You may stay with me for the time being.

I think she made up that story.

Carole didn't tell anyone where he'd hid the diamonds.

This is the first time you've talked back to me.

Masanobu looks a little hurt.

I can't believe you'd be so stupid.

The video claims to be fifty-one seconds long, but it is in fact over 9000 eternities in Ganon's pit!

I can't get the lid off.

It seems that they're bored of married life.

Instructional videos are a key component of many online courses.

Don't make me do it.

I don't know why I reacted the way I did.

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Aarhus, the second-largest city in Denmark, has the zip code 8000.


I am sorry I have imposed so much on you.

I can only guess that you must want one.

Nobody else has a chance.

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They advocate complete abstinence.

I have the feeling that my French is improving slowly.

I consume sugar.

I can take it or leave it.

Now all they want is a roof over their heads.