Meeks doesn't fit in here.

I kind of doubt that that actually happened.

That was our biggest problem.

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Ahmet walked home.

This is out of control.

He often tells us we must help one another.

It was cool getting to know you, Barton.

You make me feel old.


I feel depressed.

That can only be her.

Get some help.

It wasn't a party.

The divorce felt like a liberation.

Pete shook hands with me.

You came to Bergerac every summer!


That was an illusion.

I've always wanted to meet them.

She probably knows the answer.


He screwed up his courage and proposed to her.

Mann says he can't ignore the noise any longer.

I don't want to propose to you!

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Show them what you can do! Go for it!

You are to do your homework before supper.

I helped her into a gown.

He is in his early twenties.

She's the one with a family.


Tammy is quite dedicated, isn't he?


I didn't want to lose.


There are many ways to be happy. The one I most like is being with you.


Nothing could've made Alex happier.


A car licence can be held from age 18.

Jill says he's happy.

Is there any reason not to go?

Has he met them today?

This artist died young.

Sjaak was a go-getter.

The Belize barrier reef is the largest barrier reef in the northern hemisphere and is also famous for the Great Blue Hole, a popular diving spot.


Please speak in a low voice.


I am going to leave my present job.

Hubert died almost instantly.

But let not this blind you to what virtue there is; many persons strive for high ideals, and everywhere life is full of heroism.

Ahmed did fool me.

As far as I know, what he has said is true.


He kept three dogs but lost one of them because of a traffic accident.

Brendan died three weeks ago after being bitten by a cobra.

Our children like dogs, but I prefer cats.

She appears to have many friends.

Nancy smiled happily.

Seize him!

Are you sure you don't want to use the toilet before you go?


Nothing like that happened.

I'd like to leave this book with you.

I think I'm going to get fired.

Can you spare me a few minutes? I'd like to have a word with you.

I used to play tennis in high school.

She attempted to persuade her father.

I'd like to hear your decision.

He left the door unlocked.

You guys are weird.

You didn't buy that here, did you?

Did you hear my show last night?

He had the goodness to come all the way to see me.

I am building a wall.

I usually go to school from Monday to Friday.

You have to melt chocolate in a double-boiler so it doesn't burn.

I know who you are and whom you represent.

What makes this one special?

Stop doing that.

I did without heating all through the winter.

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Father usually comes home at eight.

What time would it be when we leave the restaurant?

It's very short.

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Few roads existed in North America at that time.

After all, it might be imagination.

He was standing by the gate with his hand in his pocket.

I came to Boston last month.

I really don't care what went on.

Your legume is OK.

Hugh never knew if he had accomplished it.

This timer is set to beep ten minutes from now.

I am tired of reading.


Is it true that you breast-fed all your children?

I told them that I wasn't busy.

This is your dog.

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Laws are there to protect people from themselves.

What's the most fun you've ever had?

Guess how tall I am.

Kanthan still can't swim very well.

Kerry arrived thirty minutes late.

Graham felt obligated to help.

How do we help?


They'll buy anything.

You need to be more careful!

I planned a party for her.


Dan fled to Mexico.


Barney doesn't know the answer.

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That publisher specialises in children's books.

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Why are you standing here?

The Hubble Constant defines the relationship between a galaxy's distance from the Earth and the speed with which the galaxy is moving away from the Earth.

Avery is shaving in his room.


He's a florist.

It is forbidden to make the dogs pee.

Slartibartfast went to the window and opened it.

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I saw Louise try to kill himself.

I was able to sell my used car for 100 dollars.

Samir said he didn't know when he was supposed to meet Robbin at the airport.

I met with her today.

Wasn't he your boyfriend?

I wish you had joined us.

Do you use mouthwash?

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What is the main goal of this project?

I intended to succeed.

Starbuck said that he didn't know French.

Don't let my son see this!

In the end, we obtained what we wanted.

He should be angry.

I wish I had Isaac's brains.

Did List call while I was out?

He wasted his time on gambling at the horse races.

How many phones does she own?

What was Mann doing in here?

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Olivier didn't want to do that.


I'd suggest the following change.


The Japan team won the gold medal in the game.

Could we come in, please?

Vicky welcomed Marla with open arms after he'd been abroad for several weeks.

I didn't do anything to deserve this.

I'll give it a try.

My tennis hasn't improved in the slightest.

I could sure use your help right now.


Teriann isn't sure when Larry will get here.

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The event starts at 4am.


Nobody can stop me.

We both know you are lying to me, don't we?

She didn't even have the courtesy to say that she was sorry.


This is the first time I've ever broken a glass.


Are you really that happy?

I was naive.

Sanand put milk in his coffee.

It's not about that.

What's the remedy?

He invested two hundred dollars in a promising business.

She hung up without saying good-bye.

I'm going to meet a certain student.

Forbidden fruit tastes best.


Dory needs to shut up.

I think it's dangerous to climb that mountain alone.

Can you give me something to kill the pain?


Does Pat know what happened?


I don't know how to use it.

What's your favorite car?

Leave now, or you'll miss the train.

It's a tense situation.

Lorraine doesn't yet know how to tell time.

Does someone here speak Japanese?

If you have finished, return it to me.


Tell me why you think you can't trust me.

Everyone's talking about what Reinhard did.

I can't agree with you.

That dog is very gentle.

How was the honeymoon?