Marilyn has changed a lot.

Which way will we go?

We have broad shoulders.

The factory will cease operations next month.


I don't like you very much.

It is no use looking for the cake; I already ate it.

The parents of Bernadette were very embarrassed to reply to any questions, because they haven't seen her for a long time now.

Now I am free.

I'm not a Nazi!

Is it true that you can't speak French?

She sucks up to the teacher.

Pierre found new evidence.

I'll get you something.

I feel like I've already been here sometime.

I went back to work.

I'm not dancing for you.

I'd like to keep the car there.

I met him recently.

Neither of those things happened.

It's been a long time since I've done anything like that.

We can't seem to find our way back home.


I haven't yet made up my mind.

Write your goals down.

The bubble burst in the air.

She prefers the quiet.

Kevin was calm under pressure.


What we know is a drop. What we don't know is an ocean.


Elizabeth is a wonderful teacher.


This website is useless.

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No matter how hard it snows, I have to begin my trip.

Ahmed isn't an expert.

There is a silver lining to every dark cloud!

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Radek takes a long walk along the coast every afternoon.


I'm not arguing.

Thierry is eating cake now.

Monday is Julia's thirtieth birthday.

The meeting is nearly over.

Annie is likely to win the scholarship.

He was the last person to arrive.

If you're not happy, quit.

Lin smiled as he took his seat.

Mysore did everything for them.

That's just what I thought.

Ami saw Niels walking towards her car.


Eduardo almost pushed the wrong button.

She grew up in the harsh environment of New York City.

We need to try everything.

We stayed there all night.

I know what it feels like.


I've forgotten her name.


Urs ate many of his meals off of paper plates.

Naoto drives a convertible.

It took a while to make headway in modern medicine.

Neither was true.

It'll never happen.


She'll lose time.


I'd like to go home.

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While in prison, Moses attempted an escape.

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I think I'd better go with Cathryn.

The suicide letter reads: "To my family, I am finally free. Love, Honzo."

Are you really willing to help me paint my house?


There's a small campground on the south shore of the lake.

Everytime I look at him, he smiles.

Lisa is turning up the sound of the TV.

I rode around the country on horseback.

I will check your game tomorrow.

It's nothing to worry about.

Even if you have your own way, you will not always be successful.


What on earth is the matter?

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We're going to try to get you full custody.

The men we're chasing are presumed armed and extremely dangerous.

Naomi is my destiny.

The universe is really big and we're really small.

Her hair is dry.

When is your flight?

My mother asked me to set the table.

I can't believe this is really happening to me.

He didn't pay the slightest heed to that exam.

If you are late in the morning, you will be late the whole day.

I still haven't decided what to buy.


It was your mistake, not mine.

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I thought Marla would talk about that.


Write carefully and legibly.

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Jane and Darryl are always competing for attention.

I'll probably never come here again.

Hippopotamuses love water.

I hope that you will arrive in Rome soon.

They have a lot in common.

I think this is something Sridhar would really have enjoyed.

Do not feel obliged to believe that the same God who has endowed us with sense, reason and intellect has intended us to forgo their use.

She's always been a hothead.

You must know Alexis very well.

Harv jumped out of his car.

We want to clean up our city.

I have a discharge from my left ear.

The earth was felt to tremble.

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Moe, Ann and John are playing cards in the living room.

Please tell him how sorry I am.

You might be correct.

I'm now in New York. I'm staying here for three days.

You had better have breakfast.

Could you please play a tango?

Sharan will do a wonderful job.


Tanaka is a child prodigy.


Someone isn't telling the truth.

Just don't go outside.

Wasn't it supposed to snow last night?

Wow! Is that you? You look wonderful.

Farouk thinks Kristi is interested in John.

We don't have as much in common as I thought we did.

I don't know how I can ever thank you.

This company has filed for bankruptcy.

Ernest wished he could've stayed longer.

I also love to cook.

Do you know whether or not Barry is at home?

There used to be a bank here, but it closed down a couple of years ago.

If women knew how much we miss them, they would leave sooner.

Rand can't afford all the stuff Betty wants him to buy on his salary.

The ship arrived at the port on schedule.

Ami still seems to be in love with Toerless.

The library will issue you a library card.


We're not on particularly friendly terms.


How do I get over the river?


Can I have my gun back?

I still have three hours before my plane leaves.

Even if I go make love with some girl before midnight, I will never forget your kindness.

It gets worse every day.

The doctor came in carrying a black bag.

I've got to help Dori.

Wild animals live in the forest.


Lemon tea without sugar, please.

Many people were upset when they saw Floria burning the flag.

It's a moral gray area.

This book is sold for a very attractive price!

It must be done more carefully.

He hopes that something interesting happens.

Her illness prevented her from attending the party.

My God, help me!

Is there a good restaurant somewhere near here?

Give this copy to her.

I haven't decided whether to study at university or to get a job.


They all stood for MRA.

The house stood out because of its unusual shape.

Do you still have it?

She's been in hospital for a month.

Costs of financial services are rising in every country.


He identifies colors and shapes.


This cycle of suspicion and discord must end.

In the absence of a better idea I had to choose this method.

Could you tell what it was?

She's mine.

I'm not dancing for them.

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So you don't know what is Esperanto ?

The children rolled down the hill.

Dirk didn't know that he was adopted until he was thirteen.


Look up at the sky.

We're in 2013.

I need to know I can count on you.

Cole wore a red scarf around her neck.

Donnie got out of the limo.


Are you sure we're on the right road?

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I miss those days.

This celebration is an intrinsic part of the culture of our country.

I'll never ever do that again.