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In the country of the Tuaregs, people drink camel milk.

I know that I'm supposed to enjoy this class, but I don't.

Rolf doesn't have the ability to finish the job by himself.

Life's not easy.

I could not possibly finish the work in a few days.


Lar can generally be relied on to make good on his promises.

When you finish eating that, come back for more.

You really mean a lot to me.


I like to eat a date with almonds.

I was unconscious.

I already called Van.


You shot him.


He asked for my permission to use the telephone.

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Leung told me everything I wanted to know.

It didn't get that bad.

Juha is very successful.


I have something that I want to say to him.

She was wearing an ugly dress.

War is a business. It's no wonder there has never been peace.


Saiid didn't come back.

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Can you please go for me?

You have to do what you were told to do.

Release Marcos.

Gigi went to a wedding last weekend.

Have you ever had gulasch soup?

Are you telling me you are not my father?

The President continues to support funding for drug courts, which give first-time, non-violent offenders a chance to serve their sentence, if appropriate, in drug rehabilitation programs that have proven to work better than prison terms in changing behavior.

Do you think Jin will accept my invitation?

Consumption is the sole end and purpose of all production.

My rich neighbors belong to a private golf club.

Steven went Christmas caroling with other members of his church choir.

I tried to do that, but I couldn't.

Where did you go with that guy?

I read a newspaper every day so that I may keep up with the time.

Do you own a gun?

He had every reason for doing so.

Students never really study seriously until just before the exams.

She must have told a lie.

Pierre swept Jinchao off her feet.

Susanne's drunk.

Initially we had some problems with our computer system, but they've been sorted out now.

Are you aware of the link between tobacco smoke and lung cancer?

Dan's death sentence was commuted to life in prison without parole.

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This backpack is blue-ish.

My father went to China.

Konstantinos's coming over.

Bryce ate the stew straight from the pot.

Now is the time for action.

Why are you looking for a white buffalo?

I can't remember how to do it.


The finish of the table was perfect.

If he doesn't confess, Jeremy faces life imprisonment.

All you care about is money.


As a tadpole grows, the tail disappears and legs begin to form.

I figured Mehrdad was asleep.

Since I heard this, I want to travel french cities and provinces, learn beautiful French, and more than anything prepare French cuisine with my own hands. And feel the atmosphere of France.

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Linley deserves all the credit.

He made cookies.

Hughes lacks experience.

Have you seen Krzysztof around?

They helped me, too.

I'm majoring in American history at university.

I have never been to jail.

We've got to be ready for that.

Holly's teacher told him to pay more attention to his punctuation.

Those are not your chairs.

I told Juliet the reason why I wouldn't be able to go.

I had to let them go.

I've just heard a disturbing rumor.


I want a notebook.

This is necessary.

Vladimir doesn't pay attention in class.

Are there any newspapers published in your language?

I was really lost.

I haven't thought that much about it.

I'm sure you're as disappointed as I am.

Are you free for dinner tonight?

Malus tossed Pam the ball.

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Eric didn't know who Milo was going to meet.

I got her a wrist watch.

Renu knows you better than he knows anyone else.


You promise?

Kusum thinks he can succeed where others have failed.

Don't tell me you didn't hear that.

Man is the only animal that can laugh.

We're avid RVers.

He is the last man to deceive me.

I heard John speak to Mr Brown.

Keep Hume there.

He is quite young in spirit.

There's nothing to stop us now.

He is a tall boy.


According to Dan, Linda had killed herself.

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I know companies are looking for work carried out flawlessly.

Guillermo doesn't have much of a chance.

Vice crossed his arms over his chest.

I just like helping out.

Rebecca is naked.

You wouldn't know how to do this, would you?

We communicated with each other by gesture.

Marsha was carrying a pair of cross-country skis that he'd borrowed from Nichael's husband.

Go back to your bed.

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In Esperanto, the penultimate syllable is always stressed.

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What a big boy he is!


Did you arrest them?

They said they never saw her.

They have a nice house.


I'm so tired!


How do you pronounce "Wi-Fi" in French?

She knows what you're thinking.

Dan and Linda went to the beach to attend a party.


It was time to go.

Whose bike is it?

He went to the shop.


You're competent but you're slacking.

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You were criticized.

Who's next on your list?

I like to sail when it isn't really windy.

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Jane looks very pale.

Where are they going to?

Maurice has already been punished.

I am in a tight place.

You only need to concentrate.

You can't come tomorrow.

In your thesis, you could at least replace a few German words with their English equivalents, so that it's not so obvious that it is plagiarised.


I thought I'd stay a little longer.

It is a pity that you can't join us.

I narrowly escaped being run over by a car.

The man wants to know the truth.

The colony failed.

Stacey misunderstood Brent.

This is the problem.

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Down pillows change shape when you sleep.

I am on holiday this week.

I'd like to have meat for supper this evening.

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Say it in Greek!

I don't think they liked me.

A teacher may never laugh at a student who made a mistake.

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What did the boy say?


Glynn wants you to come to his birthday party.


About three out of every four marriages end in divorce.

You or me, there's not much difference.

That's an old Russian custom.

I almost feel bad for Glynn. Almost.

My basket is full of books.

I think that knowledge without common sense counts for nothing.

My paternal grandmother enjoys tea ceremonies.

Ruth was rushed to a local hospital.

We differed as to the solution to the problem.


Sylvan just wanted Sandy to be happy.


This desk is a little low for me.

You're being too honest.

He has turned 180 degrees around.

The drawer is empty.

I wanted to do it, but could not.

There is no limit to human progress.

I believe he is competent.


Is that all it would take?

Henry was dismissed because he was old.

My name is Robert, but everyone calls me Bob.

Lemons are sour.

I don't feel like doing this anymore.

The lifeless rocks nod their heads again and again.

I can't understand Randal.