They do know what they're doing.


Why can't you help me?

Gale is one of the smartest men I know.

We were in danger of losing our lives.

Encouraged by the continuing trickle of hits and the rarely arriving email I've somehow kept going till now.

It's important that I be informed immediately.

Why didn't you just pay Takao?

You're organized.

The assignment was too much for me.

Cliff sneaked back into the room.

The term "Siamese twins" comes from two conjoined twins from Siam who travelled with P.T. Barnum's circus.

It was a traumatic experience.

What does it matter what happens to Matthieu?

You are going about it the wrong way!

I'm still writing comments.

He wouldn't stop badgering me.


A videocamera is in the office.

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I'm going aboard.

That's a bad name for a ship.

Ruth owes me one.

He didn't answer the question on purpose.

The house went cheap.

Were you able to get any of the information we needed?

As the Duke of Zhou said, "It will benefit not to crave for the personal benifit".

The horse ran through the fields.

I haven't eaten vegetables for a month.

What kind of car was it?

He was tortured and murdered.

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You can't help it, can you?


Helge and three of his friends went camping last weekend.


He meets me today evening at six o'clock.

What are the zeros of this parabola?

It's one of my favorites.


The door opened; and a little girl, much younger than the boy, came darting in, and putting her arms about his neck, and often kissing him, addressed him as her "Dear, dear brother."

Audrey is standing up.

Ann is paying attention.

June wants his parents to buy him a pony.

I've told you all of this once already.

He is the baby of the family.

What is the subject of your lecture?

In another paragraph, he put in a comma.

What kind of trees are those?


Could the situation worsen?

Sugih behaved very badly.

The other night I was extremely on time!

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I'm a quick learner.

I don't see your name on it.

So, how should one behave?

To tell the truth, I don't agree with you.

We had better sit down here.

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It happened right in front of us.

The army is in the north to protect the border.

The teacher made us repeat the word.


I'm at the house.

I'm going to stick with it.

Cardinal Bergoglio was elected Pope by the Conclave.


I'm still trying to figure that out.

I'm your conscience.

I look awful today.

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Germany is known as a land of poets and philosophers.


That sounds like an excellent idea.


I saw Marsha's car in the parking lot.


No one succeeded to survive.

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It's hard to keep up with him.


Pedro didn't visit anybody.


Barbra was the owner of the only swimming pool in the city that had a diving board.


Sridhar doesn't think this is a coincidence.

Present only questions that can be answered by yes or no.

She pulled the blinds down.

It's easier for me to wear this dress now that I'm thin.

How ingenious!


Marble floors are beautiful.

Mona is still running a temperature and should stay at home.

Sri was sleeping rough for a while after being evicted from his apartment.

Hello, Meg, how are things?

I guessed that he was an ex-serviceman.


Her whole house is filled with tchotchkes and old photographs.

When will you give me your answer?

Pontus arrived home at 2:30.


There's going to be a book sale tomorrow.


What should I do about him?

It's obvious that you're no longer interested.

Has anyone ever told you you're amazing?

Mice carry the plague.

I have a large family to provide for.

What's up, dawg?

What a beautiful couple!

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Oh! Marvelous!


It was just 6 years ago that I visited New Zealand for the first time.

The sight was splendid beyond description.

I'm aware of my responsibilities.

I can not say anything for the moment.

What makes you think I'm your friend?

Why are you being so distant?

He had a very heavy study program.


He envied my success.


He asked the men, "Would you share a room?" "Certainly, we will," answered the three men.

He could not get through his work, though the examination was near.

I'd like a word with you.

I know dirty jokes, but I never tell them.

They lived together for two years before they got married.


That's what needs to happen.

What are you doing to me?

The police suspect that the burglar got in through an unlocked window.

Go tell Collin.

I apologize for coming by at such a late hour.

Timo is one of Boston's most successful athletes.

I thought you'd be thirsty.


Pamela clearly lied.

Tell me what I should've done.

You shouldn't have told Joubert what happened.

Merat put on some sunscreen.

Liber was whistling in the dark to belie how terrified he was to be alone in the house which was rumoured to be haunted.

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Will you tell us a story?

You haven't told me about your mother.

I'm sorry I yelled at them.

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My father failed in business.


I've been ignored for too long.

I have friends there who'll help me.

I didn't know what I was giving up.

In his science fiction story, everyone in China speaks Esperanto at least as a second language.

Don't take off your shoes!

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I hope you won't be disappointed.


Niels is Jem's twin brother.

Progress is monitored daily and stored in a database.

You must turn in your old license in order to get a new one.

What does Elliott have against you?

Toby understands the problem.

If you just write a zero in this number's ones' place, it'll be correct.

She's always been a very cheerful person.

Presley was scared of me.

He did not decide to be a writer until he was thirty.

It sounds like you will have class on Saturday as well.

We must make sure that this information is correct.

You need to come at once.

Don't let Joachim use my bicycle.


It is polite to open doors for people.


Lots of people make that mistake.

You really shouldn't use pirated software.

We have had a lot of snow and I am very happy.


That won't be possible.

You searched every room in my apartment.

It was very difficult for you to concentrate.

I think you know why I'm calling you.

Thank you for doing the cooking while I was sick in bed.

We should not put restrictions on foreign trade.

You've got to stop Gregge from doing that.


The cops are looking for the gang's hideout.

Michelle threw me an apple.

I got used to it quickly.


Yesterday I went to see Robert, whose father is a pilot.

Come on, get a move on!

Will I get superpowers too?

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"Performed" is the right word.


I neither heard nor saw anything.

We had quite a disagreement about it.

I got control of the works.