Is there any bread?

He began singing.

The Bounty sank near Cape Hatteras.

Walruses use sea ice to rest, if it is close to where they hunt for food.


Nobody else knew about it.

Sheila and Miriam sometimes play tennis together.

Norm is very reluctant to go.

I have been to the station to see my uncle off.

Let's buy something for you to wear to the party.

We gave them food.

They met in autumn, got engaged in spring, and had a beach wedding in early summer.


She liked to read about witchcraft.

Polls have consistently projected a 47% vote for Labour.

I'm going to prepare for the term examination this afternoon.

It was very hard for me to find your apartment.

Janos hasn't seen Christopher for months.

I can do it without your help.

He stayed in at the hotel.


I doubt his ability to do the job.

For a while, I was really addicted to cola and drank it every day.

Who decided that?

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Many people like our book.


I thought I told you to go to bed.

I don't know what's worse: being stupid or pretending to be stupid.

The eyes of Europe are fixed upon us; she demands of us a living example of freedom.


Your pencils need sharpening.

Life isn't always fair.

I made a statement.

During his year of study abroad, Cecilia's French improved rapidly.

Johnathan certainly seems to be more effective than Stanislaw.

Aren't you worried that you'll miss your train?

Would you like me to pack you a lunch?

Ricky kicked the door open and went into the room.

How long has it been since you played with a yo-yo?

Russell is obsessed with this song.

"Double Indemnity" is the title of a classic 1944 film noir, in which a philandering insurance salesman (Fred MacMurray) and a housewife (Barbara Stanwyck) plot to murder her husband, but to make it look like an accident, in order to collect on an insurance policy that will pay double the value in case of accidental death.

My hands are sticky.

She looked quizzically at him.

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Moran stands to inherit a lot of money when his parents die.

Children are the flowers of our lives. Nothing decorates a house better than children carefully set in the corners.

You hate getting up early in the morning, don't you?

Ask Jarl about it.

We laughed.

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No one works on Sundays.

The two girls wore the same dress to the dance.

I don't want to make waves.

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I saw something very bright fly across the night sky.

Can you recommend a good play?

Keep your eyes open.

Can you play that chord on the keyboard?

Delegates voted over and over again.

Jim was caught cheating in the examination.

I gave offense to her.


There's almost no milk in the glass.

We own this property.

You look good in a kimono.

Louise's speech was so boring that several people in the audience fell asleep.

I have no remembrance of it now.

Why doesn't Robbin want to go?

Chip hasn't had a fight with anybody lately.

Have you taken out the trash?

Call me if you have any problems at all.

The object of his admiration shows the kind of person that he would like to be.

When he was a boy, his home environment was good.

I don't want you to say anything.

See that all the items are arranged in a row.

Devon never mentioned you once.

Do you remember what the attacker looked like?

How soon can you start?

I should've figured Dwayne would be late.

Stars were twinkling in the sky.

I just need to tell you this.


I really couldn't imagine that happening.

"Well, there's something I'd like your advice on about my research project ..." "Let's see... Hmm, you're investigating flowering plants then."

I want to ask you about them.

My mother is like a friend to me.

I couldn't see anything.


Neptune has thirteen known moons.

This necklace is a family heirloom.

Has Dorothy come?

I think Ahmet is sincere.

Pilar doesn't like math.

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I didn't mean to hurt them.


Socorrito is quite likely to be late.

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This desk was too heavy for Patty to lift.

I want to be sure that you're doing this because you want to.

We never got to Boston.

The hillside burned all night.

He is under fire for his affair.


Jef couldn't answer all of the questions.

One of us could help him.

But no disciple can be excused if he does not have zeal.

There were toward a thousand people.

I'm on the nominating committee.

It was kind of scary.

For certain, no one will look for this sentence.

Quite a few people are coming around to that way of thinking.

He often offends against our agreement.

It is time to stop watching television.

I'm surprised that building is still standing.

Dinner was awesome.

We'll come to look for you.


He doesn't even notice me.


We're going to play basketball.


I'm not letting you do this alone.

Am I doing this the right way?

I want this cat.


They had some fun.

It rains there.

Angus likes to sleep late.

That was too easy.

My grandpa is good at shogi. His level is fourth dan, amateur.

Please find her.

What time does the next bus leave?

You may not like it, but you should at least try it.

That's what you said the last time.


Theory and practice do not necessarily go together.

I want to give Mom a plant.

You're not related to me.


The art of making wooden bowls like these has died out.

I thought we could walk home today.

He wants a new dog.

The government should invest more money in agriculture.

The bus was about to leave.

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Perhaps we should find out what Matti's doing.


Go wash the dishes.

Corey looked up.

The machine, which is excellent, has a good reputation.

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I forgot my manners.


The trouble is you cannot work while watching TV.

He accused him of having stolen the bike.

Nowadays jobs are hard to come by.

I will keep your advice in mind.

Let's get them.


Everybody was at work.

Give me a cup of milk, please.

My sales ad wasn't responded to.

You are going too far.

This has increased family income.

The newspapers didn't publish anything.

I used to be pretty good at this.

I don't know much about Boston.

I honestly don't care.


I'm thinking that lately, maybe the students are making fun of me.

He hastily packed his bags.

Did Leigh tell you that he'd be late?


Marla's self-conscious about the gap between her front teeth.

How did you hit upon such an idea?

Her daughter ran away with a young author.

Where did you meet him?

When was the last time you parked your car here?

I always liked strange personalities.

When did she say those words?

I'm very proud of them.

This meal is healthy, delicious and cheap.


Simon is standing in the garden.

Wasn't it Kafka who wrote that a book must be the axe for the frozen sea within us?

Suwandi saw Pia in the distance.

I never loved you.

There was no change.

I need to buy an airplane ticket for Moscow.

Your answer to the question turned out to be wrong.

When was the car washed by Ken?

The credibility and veracity of the report that pieces of the plane have been found, cannot yet be verified.

Stephe will be a centenarian next year.

I have to put the baby to bed.

Dolphins are really smart.

The police officer placed Polly under arrest.


Are you going to see Isaac tonight?