Compared with the old model, this is far easier to handle.

Fill the flower vase with water.

It's been awhile since I've studied German.

You don't know what I had to put up with!

Everything here tastes of seafood.

Marion must love you.

He will have reached Osaka by now.

Tolerant just started.

Don't sit up late.

Nothing seems to happen around here.


This book was very useful to me.

We want our money.

Then she began to walk again.


He couldn't attend the meeting because he was sick.

Nero looked at Rome while it was burning.

His theory is based on careful research.

I thought I told you to handle this yourself.

Do you know if Dori is alive?

The man has even less cake.

He has changed his opinion.

Strictly speaking, the tomato is a fruit.

I had a talk with Matthew.

His wife works at the city hall.

I agree with Keith and Anton.


You're much fatter than you used to be.

You'll be punished for this.

Ronni is an architect specialized in experimental designs.

I'm going to the police.

Then his mother thought.


Insert it wherever you like.


You agreed to it.

I need to meet more Peruvian friends.

She's three years older than I am.

See if you can do something to help Eileen.

This is very mysterious.

That's exactly what I thought.

I want life to go back to the way it was before.

Hotta has willingly done everything we've asked him to do.

The women went to the celebration dressed to the nines.


Thank you so much for the help.

In getting her present job, she made capital of her father's connections.

It is Wednesday.

An eagle swooped and plucked a rabbit from the field.

We have a couple of hours before our flight.

This scares the shit out of me.

I hope I win.


I ordered the book from the department store by telephone.

He is a bad person.

Is this thing edible?

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I go shopping every morning.

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No, just one.

I forgot to tell Kit I wouldn't be there.

One of the most beautiful art collections in the world is at the Louvre.

Is it your helicopter?

Did you hear that what's-his-name crashed his motorcycle?

Herve is honest, isn't he?

I still enjoy that.

I've only been a teacher for three months.

The bus stopped and we got on.

Patricia knows how to fight.

Can I ask a quick question?

Do you seriously believe that that machine has travelled into time?

I had forgotten these photos.

Patricia is the perfect gentleman.

There was a touch of irony in his speech.

Life is a fatal sexually transmitted disease.

It hasn't been that long.

She laid the paper out on the table.

Thanks for the hint.

I put my suitcase in the trunk.

Children enjoying making a splash in water as they come off a waterslide.

The idea still prevails.

He endeavors to attain his goal.

I know some of these boys.

I told you Pravin wanted to go to Boston.


That's my friend Rachel. We go to school together.

I've forgotten his name.

I wanted to save this for an occasion.

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Why didn't she want to join him?

I believe there is a mistake here.

Let's call for the ambulance.

That shouldn't be difficult.

My opinion is completely different from yours.

Pat tried to remember the last time he had visited an art museum.

Maybe you could talk to him.


My work at school was well above average.

Huey persuaded Skip to sell her motorcycle.

Japanese are not so particular about religion.

Barrett got up and walked into the kitchen to get a cup of coffee.

The curtain rises at 7 p.m.

Narendra walked out on Shel.

It is believed that there is no life on Mars.

They clamored emphatically against the nuclear tests.

Politics is hypocrisy.


I grew up in this neighborhood.

Now try to sleep.

We never seem to be able to get along with each other.

He's a bit lively.

It's not black and white.

I forgot what a handsome guy David is.

If it were not for your help, I could not run this store.

They suffer from osteoporosis.

Life in society requires communication.

He said he was Russian.

Where are you going on your honeymoon?

Not again! Look at those two kissing. They've really got the hots for each other. I can't watch this any more.

Life is never easy.


This is a very funny story!

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The place was empty. She was alone in the darkness, except for a cat hiding behind a box.

He enjoys watching baseball games on TV.

Is that all you have to say to me?

I'm a monster.

We're pretty much finished.


Marek hit one of the boys and knocked him to the ground.

Well I'll be!

I received a friendly letter.

Each bird sings with its own voice.

We're about the same weight.

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I couldn't take that risk.

My dad used to drive a Beetle.

The ladder is in position for use.

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David has so many friends that he can't even recall all their names.

Don't make me hit you.

There are some things I want to talk about.

Eugene and Nicolo adopted two children whose parents had been killed by a suicide bomber.

Carole glared at them.

Did you have another fight with Vaughn?

The prices are variable, so shop around.

There is no man but loves himself.

Erwin and Pandora are separated.


All of them swim very fast.

The day turned out fine after all.

Johnny is very difficult to deal with.

I also have a bad memory.

Don't keep me waiting.


That was the time when he came.

It's too heavy to move.

That's almost impossible to believe.

It's no use talking to her.

There's a park near my house.

He told me that the book was interesting.

Jeffery must've heard us enter.

That's ugly.

I'll let you study.

That's a bit of an exaggeration.

What more could a girl want?

I don't believe we have enough time.

Damon said that he hadn't intended to insult you.

She is not tall.

He got out from under the car.

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The women work in a restaurant.

I want to hear your story. Go on, please.

I might as well give up.

I brought a picture of Francois.

As for incomplete sentences...

She's a tough cookie.

I don't have anything to declare.

Don't worry about Venkata. He isn't a threat.

I'm sure that Ted's cough is due to smoking.

Try not to spend more money than is necessary.

He noticed that this drug seemed to inhibit bacterial growth.


Why didn't someone help me?


I am looking forward to seeing the film with her.


I like this apple, the green one.

Taurus was a coal miner.

You're a knockout.

They have no idea what I intend to do.

Deb didn't know he'd insulted anybody.

Geoff doesn't want to come.

Aren't you ashamed of the way you behaved?

You look serious.

Does this window open?

The picture will finish shooting in three days.

Appetite comes with eating, the thirst goes away with drinking.

Chet had a sharp pain in his right hand.

Because it's too big.