How did the company dream up its new ad campaign?

I don't have the authority to give you permission.

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We've run out of tea.


Why is everybody running?

I've been thinking about buying new towels.

I ran in order to make it on time.

Expect to be pleasantly surprised.

I really love watching anime and reading manga

Put aside those fears.

What would the new president do?

Beware of anyone who claims objectivity.

It isn't important.

Who is born in Sweden is Swedish.

Galen is really getting worried.

The dress Guillermo was wearing was white.

We're supposed to wait for them.

There can only be one winner.

It works for me.

You must be doing wonderfully in everything.

The boy is over there.

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There's a big package on the desk for you.

Everybody knows I used to live in Boston.

Hiroyuki has had so many chances to do the right thing.

The nuclear family makes better communication possible between parents and children.

You should make sure of the fact without hesitation.

She asked her teacher for advice.

You go ahead.

Forget your troubles for a while and come and have dinner with us.

You're starting to piss me off.

I got mine; fuck you.

I can feel that.

He retired at the age of 65.

Clarissa could not afford to go to the concert.

Sekar is there.

I'll see them tomorrow night.

The direction of the thrust force depends on how the engines are attached to the aircraft.

I'll think about it and get back to you.

You should tell Oscar that you love her.

Benjamin demanded more.


Graham doesn't have much time for volunteer work.

They're cleaning the beach.

About two miles farther on, the road bent to the right.

You bake bread in your ovens.

He yelled out an order to the soldiers.

I was surprised when I saw you guys kissing.

How many times do you think we're going to have to do this?


I don't really have a cold.

There's something wrong with me.

The coffee has nice aroma.


I can't help feeling sorry for him.

I appreciate what she did for me.

Hold the vase in both hands.

Don't make her angry.

If Teruyuki is here, you don't need to worry.

That's no good! You're tall so you've got to be in the forward defence.

What kind of assistance do you need?

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Is this ladder steady enough?

Mr. Johnson's room was a large one.

Andre never forgot Pratapwant.

Earnie was suddenly put on the spot.

I had no idea you were so good at cooking.

It is said that there will be a general election this fall.

He got his watch fixed.

I was a shy child.

Doyle might help us if we ask him politely.

I'm no longer tired.

Is it really so complicated?


Bjorne likes to drink sangria.

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If I were a bird, I would fly to you.

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Bjorne has twenty first cousins on his mother's side, and an unknown number on his father's side.

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How did you get Thad out of that room?

Ice hockey is an exciting sport.

I can't let them do this to me.

You probably shouldn't mention that to anyone.

They've turned on us.

They competed all over the world.

Morris certainly deserves to receive the award.

Let's help them.

Yesterday, I met one of my former teachers.

All of the women in the room turned and glared at Nelken.

You've got circles under your eyes.

He said he regretted the decision.

Please wait on him first.

Why was Marika so fascinated with Japan?

Never try to be someone else, there is no better than you.

Don't move until I tell you to.

When did Tomas find out that Gypsy was seeing John?


I built a new house in view of the mountain.

She looks as beautiful as if she were an actress.

It was just one of those things.

We're aware of the problem.

Violence at school is blamed on immigrants.

Let's ask.

Jane is the president's secretary.

Go on inside.

We probably don't have enough time to do that.

I've got a weakness for homework.

Maybe you can help Bob.

I'm not taking Belinda's word for it.

These men are used to hard work.

She loves the children.

Maybe Marek has already gone home.

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We are not in the forest.

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They aren't going to help him.

She knows how to plait her hair.

When did the war end?

What planet are you from?

Do you feel OK?


We're waiting for you to finish getting ready.


I've been playing the bongos a lot.

I have to climb this mountain.

What're you saying?

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You didn't tell me Everett was going to Boston with us.

You'll definitely fail if you don't study more.

Irving killed someone in self-defense.


Sumitro died during childbirth.

Dimitry has been sick in bed for three weeks.

I have to be optimistic.

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I'm fussy.

Medical marijuana is legal in this state.

The heist was expertly planned.


I turned the table upside down to fix it.

Put them on the baking pan and smear them with egg whites.

If it's all right with you, I'd appreciate your not bringing up the subject. We don't want to hear about it.


A permit may be required for collecting insects.

Our cat is missing.

Could you help me write a letter in French?

That's wasteful.

Bryan is at the back door.

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I still want to marry her.

Do you have someplace else to be, Shane?

Clarence has ambition.


Where do you want to go?


You hid behind the tree.

Maybe I can help you solve that problem.

You had better supplement your diet with vitamins.

You should have seen me.

Why do you want to learn English?


But he believed he had good reasons.

It was a crime of passion.

Did you enjoy the film?

He lives within his means.

Work quickly, eat slowly.

Why don't you get a job?

I need a good pair of sunglasses.

Did she mention the results of the exam?

I never expected this.

No one got sick.

I've already talked to Duncan about that matter.

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Stracciatella ice-cream is nothing but a plain ice-cream with chocolate chips.


Fritz gave Rudolf a list of all the victims.

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Douglas hasn't gotten his driver's license yet.

He dashed the glass to the floor.

The people upstairs come home late at night.

I hope Lewis survives.

He refuses to accept his old age.

I had practically nothing to do with it.

The solution of the problem took three years.


Could you explain it more simply?

I am short of money for my trip.

I don't know how he can live with himself after what he did.

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The best approach to Lisbon is by sea.

I asked Saqib for a favor.

Ramanan confessed everything.

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I don't like anybody.

An ancient race left ringed contraptions throughout the galaxy to shortcut through space-time.

Nils doesn't always come home this late.


It's not so cold today.