Sugih is on his way over.

Stop screaming in my ears.

She's honest enough, but can you really trust her?

Let's see. I bought it last week.

You waited? Thank you!

He is an actor.

I am speculating that he may win the game.

What kind of bread would you like for your toast? White, wheat, sourdough, or rye?

Tell me what you ate for lunch.

He fixed the bookshelf to the wall.

I can't take this any longer.

Bill was sent to live with his grandparents while his mother studied to become a nurse.

Yanis hasn't arrived yet.

You must trust me on this.

We haven't found the gun yet.

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I'm not sure that was a good idea.

Let's learn this sentence by heart.

We've been doing that for years.

We're going back to Boston.

I like things like horumonyaki!

Money influences everything.

Carlos turned the doorknob.


I'm grateful for the invitation.


What's wrong with running around your house naked?


A prime interest rate is typically a better interest rate given to good customers by banks.

Rajendra and I think alike.

Come and take a look.

I don't have a CD player, but I bought the CD anyway.

The joint of my left shoulder aches.


You were drunk, weren't you?


Is there anything else you require?

She tends to speak ill of others.

He looked up.

You're either with us or against us.

Add the sugar and vanilla to the cream and beat vigorously until the cream thickens.

Helge jumped into water without taking off his clothes.

I caught her by surprise.


Leonard is always lying.

This is my alarm clock.

That was a just figure of speech.

I only met Stu three times.

Dimitry didn't want Luke to cry.

The asterisks mark important references.

I want to forget her.


I need a tissue.

Thank you for all the gifts.

Do you know that conversation is one of the greatest pleasures in life?

I make it a rule to take a walk for half an hour every morning.

I don't know who William gave that to.

That's why Donna is still there.

Randell invited us to a costume party.


Much wisdom is to be found in the Bible.

I've found them.

You should prepare for the future.


Tricia is quite courageous.

I guess I could ask Phillip to help.

We used to date.


Have fun? What do you mean? I don't understand.

I rely on Toft.

What do you like about him?

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It is definite that he will go to America.

You can have half of my sandwich.

She was thrown behind bars.


You know Tolerant doesn't trust you.

Even we would have helped you.

Byron has probably never been to Boston.

What you don't want to do is make King angry.

I talked to my advisors about which classes to take.


He was called back from his trip.

Why isn't there any money in my wallet?

This isn't for you.

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A Mr. Kimura is calling you.


We had trouble getting into the disco.

Monica and Rodent did some brainstorming.

The Earth's axis is not straight up and down, but tilted a little bit. This tilt is responsible for us having seasons. Otherwise, the temperature would be pretty much the same all year long.

Go and see them.

Marsha was appointed manager.

Kate arrived at the gate and rang the bell.

Nathan might know a little French.

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Are these things really Gregory's?

How long do we have before Julia gets here?

They are short of food.

Both Hugh and Barrett checked their own watches.

Why didn't you tell me Billie wasn't Canadian?

Some news.

She took her book.

He isn't an American.

He's got two cars.

Sorry to have kept you waiting so long.

Only in every third German household meals are cooked daily yet.

We can derive pleasure from books.

Mason might not want to go with us.

My brother has a dog.

Goodbye, cruel world.


Auckland is a city in New Zealand.

I don't want to fight with you.

I'm not allowed to tell you what you want to know.


I can't remember why I was there.


He was very tired.

Do your own work.

The teacher has a great influence on his pupils.

We can't just stand here.

"Where's that superstition from?" "Call it folk wisdom."


He doesn't know the cares of raising children.


That almost never happens.

I was really fortunate.

Make something up.


Why aren't you working?

Sheila tossed the soda can into the trash.

I'd like to think that's true.

I don't buy into this whole thing of being normal. There's no such thing as normal.

He's not sick.

The periodical costs less than the book.

I'm on my way to one of my favorite places ever!


I want to drink.


They said storage costs were too high.

Are you friendly?

Dan had no idea about what he was being accused of.

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I have not yet downloaded any/the file.


They saw with their natural eyes but we see with the eyes of our heart.

Gabriel Garko is as beautiful as Raul Bova.

We're going up into the mountains, so why don't you come with us?

Ed is trying to get Lui to leave.

I asked for an appointment, but he wouldn't spare me the time.

Whichever you may choose, it will do you a lot of good.

I'm pretty sure that isn't what Josh meant.

I don't think that's going to work.

I met her by chance in the library.

You should clean that cut straight away, you don't want to get an infection!

What's up with you and them?

I figured Siping was asleep.

Lars said he'd call you.

I didn't say I liked him.

A young woman came to visit me yesterday.

It's a mistaken opinion.

I believe him to be innocent.

Curtis is quite good-looking.

Santa doesn't live at the North Pole, but in Finland.

Norman is talking to me.

Terri was so drunk that he didn't even recognize me.


I fell ill last year.

What's your type?

Can you tell me what that means?

Have you finished washing the dishes?

Eating fast food is bad for your health.


I'm sending you $12 on my order No. 2345 by check.


The child's face glowed when he saw Santa Claus.

Were you two friends in high school?

It is certain that he didn't go out that day.

Lorien seldom bothers to comb his hair.

It might be a pain in the neck to do this, but we have to do it.

I put the documents you requested on your desk.

His grandfather died of cancer last year.

Jane calls a spade a spade.

This substance is going from liquid to solid state.

I couldn't think who she was when she spoke to me.

Tony is inclined to be lazy.

Keep away from him.

Three beautiful ladies just walked into the lobby.

Get into the boat, please.

The baseball game was canceled because of the heavy rain.

I have two dogs, three cats, and six chickens.

We've run out of food.

What's the matter with him?

Why are you nervous?

I did warn her.

Where do you live these days?


Yumi went to the park to play tennis.