Leora sat on the edge of the bed and told Ramesh a story until he felt asleep.

Floyd is very confident, isn't he?

Stanly followed Axel over the bridge.

Great figures don't meet high standards, but rather make their own.

Nathan doesn't know that I saved her life, right?

When I got out of bed, the sun was already high in the sky.

Please move your car. You're blocking my driveway.

He has a big mouth.

I was furious when I saw a newspaper headline today.

He was persuaded to be more sensible.

At the end of the class, the teacher said, "That's enough for today."

I have many abilities.

What elements must occur?

She helped me.

Visiting Dory was a lot of fun.

I hate it when you're so happy.

Send the bill to me.

Do you expect me to believe that?

There's a math test tomorrow.


Here everything flows like water from the well.

This is totally unexpected.

She did it single-handedly.

I'm quite innocent.

You know as well as I do that we can't afford to buy that kind of car.

Please, don't do it.

I can't believe my ears!

Exercise everyday for good health.

It was extraordinary that he did not come.


He's always complaining.

That boy is a constant source of worry to his mother.

Jinny took care of Sofoklis.

I don't like cats.

Rats desert a sinking ship.

He who desires too much, gets nothing.

It's a compliment.

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Jana is my first love.


OK, so that's it for me. Now I'll hand things over to the next speaker.


That was a really silly thing to do in the circumstances.

Anything might happen, so be careful.

I'll see you when you get here.


I want to go back to my room.


America is a large, friendly dog in a very small room. Every time it wags its tail, it knocks over a chair.

I walked to her house, I even went to your home.

We'll have to measure the room before we buy the rug.

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Fifty people can ride on the bus.

She made it.

That was hilarious.

We have to put the piano on its side in order to get it in.

This area is devastated.


The life of Lincoln is read by children all over the world.

Mr. Darcy is engaged to my daughter.

We found there was scarcely any money left in the cash-box.

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That was really something.

Andy is never late for a date.

I sowed wheat in my field.

Women are not objects.

The new school is of simple and modern construction.

Vicky owns a very big house on Park Street.

I'd like to see what Steven can do.

It's hard to keep up with them.

Sangho started typing.

He is at once honest and kind.

Mom, hurry up! Everyone's waiting.

It is very kind of you to invite me to dinner.

My friend is bilingual.


Adjust the focus of the microscope.

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You have to change the word order.

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She took out a loan in order to buy a car.

We've got plenty of time.

The boy, you see, is my son.

You shouldn't act selfishly.

I can't believe it's summer already.

There was no objection on the part of the owner.

Why are they in the church?

I felt refreshed after showering.

Everyone has both strong and weak points.


Oskar might think you don't like him.

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Nothing but a full apology would satisfy him.

A jet airliner does not admit of careless handling.

Suu says he's never owned car.


I consider Melinda a good friend.

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I didn't know he had decided to leave.

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He arrived here safely yesterday.

I do agree with Catherine.

I am disappointed.

Celia knows he shouldn't do that.

What a beautiful night!

He sent a letter addressed to his uncle.

He selected a Christmas gift for her.

You can't treat me like this.

Dani loves gangbangs.

It's a unique situation.

Call Doyle and tell him where we are.

Poetry must be new as foam, and as old as the rock.

Please draw a hundred thousand yen from the bank.


Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.

I told you about this already.

You'll lose time.

He is slow to decide, but he is quick to act.

Irvin didn't like the look of his nose, so he had a nose job.

Joanne can't speak French at all.

I don't even know where.

Every man has a right to life; and this means that he has also a right to make a comfortable living.

That one's got some guts!

I cannot put up with his carelessness any longer.

I don't understand what that means.

Pine trees can grow up to thirty meters tall.

Just tell me what you want.

Eliot is still waiting for Johann.

My eyes are dazzled by the sun.

If only it would stop raining!

Stop arguing about money.

But then he fell in love with Jane Wilde, a student studying languages in London.

In my language, the notes of the scale are do, re, mi, fa, sol, la, ti, do.

Why didn't you help us?

Terrance opened the door, even though I asked him not to.

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Will someone read me a story?


All of us have an interest in history. In a sense, we are all historians.

I interrupted Brad.

This pilaf is so filling that I'm full after just two spoonfuls.

Kimmo also has a daughter.

We'll give it a try.

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Anatoly, we must not stop here for too long. The sun will set and I think we're very far from the river.

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Let me explain to you how this works.

Can you frame this picture?

I can't figure out how Lana managed to lose so much weight so quickly.

You doubt, so you exist.

I chanced to meet him at the airport.

I can't speak Vietnamese.

Mehrdad may not be feeling well.

Marlena switched on the microphone.

That's his weak spot.

Not knowing what to do, I did nothing.

His life was miserable beyond description.

Mathematics is important in daily life.

It's really time something was done.

Triantaphyllos needed attention.

Celeste's company imports tea from India.

I think I fainted.

I want my mom.

I lost sight of her.

He's just a friend.


I'm beginning to regret it.


Don't worry; it won't bite.

Takao is as old as my father.

This taxi only sits five people.

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I speak English, a little Italian and Spanish.

You don't look like a doctor.

I don't like Naomi so much.

Matthieu put the gun back in his waistband.

Mr Hata told us on television some interesting stories about various animals.

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If I were you, I'd go.

Why did you stop me?

He was never content with his success.

I think you've been lucky.

He's at the post office sending a package to a friend.


Juergen handed Donald a banana.

I will write him when I know his address.

You'll be forever mine.

She fell in love with a prince.

The car goes fast.

I am an astrologer.

That doesn't make any difference.

You really should eat before you leave.

Who's Everett whispering to?

I'm just going to assume Sidney will be here.

I've never seen them dance.

I wish we'd had time to visit you while we were in Boston.

Do you want to ask me some questions?

Stanley pushed the door open and stepped into the room.

You should avail yourself of enemies.