I thought it had started to rain.

Don't teach your grandmother to suck eggs.


Tobias is my son's best friend.

This coat is out of date.

Has Bernard found his keys yet?

I want to see them in my office.

This is called shorthand.

Mr. Tanaka is one of our friends.

We drained the pond and filled it with fresh water.


She just laughed the matter off.

Don't touch anything here.

Playing someone else's harmonica is like using someone else's toothbrush.


Randall sometimes comes home late.

Why are you being so distant?

You can't help Brian.


Ann is exceedingly fond of chocolate.


The French language, by the way, is a clear stream that affected writers have never been, and will never be able to ripple. Each century has thrown in this limpid current its fashions, its pretentious archaisms and its preciousness, without anything surfacing from those useless attempts, those powerless efforts. The nature of this language is to be clear, logical and nervous. It won't let itself be weakened, obscured or corrupted.

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This is a rich girl

BMI categories (underweight, overweight or obese) from general reading table are inappropriate for athletes, children, the elderly, and the infirm.

Reinhard is one of Boston's most successful athletes.


Reiner didn't know when Eddie's birthday was.

We were just saying goodbye.

I'll find something else to do.


I'll talk to them.

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I wish I'd met her.

I can't help feeling something terrible has happened.

I'm seeing someone at the moment.

She paled at the sight.

There's nothing left to worry about.

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As far as I am concerned, I don't think it's true.

So, players were often seriously injured and sometimes even killed in these rough games.

The rain has let up.

I have a train to catch.

Your sister can not speak English.

Who are those three men?

Did you tell her how you feel?

Marriage changes people.

Novo has freckles.

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Bad weather prevented me from doing the sights of Nara.

I said I'd do it.

My best friend is called Dominga.

Let's not waste any more of each other's time.

I wasn't ignoring you.

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Were you close to your dad?

Even though he is learned, I can't respect him.

I want to buy a dozen of those bananas.

I'm sure Donovan will think of something.

What games do you like to play?

Give me those.

Having found a number of small items missing from my house, I'm starting to think that my housekeeper has sticky fingers.

Bob learnt even some Turkish in Germany.

"I didn't do it!" said Amos, bursting into tears.


Tell me what you told them.


The history of some words is a real masterpiece. For instance, kaput. The original word was the Latin "caput" - "a head"; and the way from "a head" to "the end of everything" is rather long.


If and only if the ice-cream is vanilla flavour will Xiao Wang eat it.

He visits me every time he comes to Tokyo.

I didn't just make the plan, I carried it out.

Many young people go abroad during summer vacation.

I'll go tell him the good news.

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Sedat is still studying French, isn't he?

You mistreated her.

He's bound to notice your mistake.

They will need to reduce their expenditures.

Some of us have things to do.


I am not the least bit happy with this e-book revolution.


We want a house of our own.

Mitch celebrated his 13th birthday on October 20th.

Where is Stacy's wife?


As he was growing up, he had found nothing but hate around him.

I have been corresponding with a pen pal in the USA for a year.

Hobbies take your mind off the worries of everyday life.

I've just seen that Esperanto has overtaken German, and now has the fourth place. Very good!

In this essay, Dwight distills the arguments for and against leaving the EU.

Frederick and I have been friends a long time.

He made himself known to me.

Have you shown this picture to Naomi?

You have to do that.


She was so dreamy that no one dared to approach her.

I held my breath in excitement.

That's all they have.

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Summer has just begun.


People are rich here.

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The aliens will arrive any day.


Amedeo handles a saw very well.


We want to explore an underwater oil field.

If I should be suddenly spoken to in English, I might run away.

Beware of 'One Ring' malicious nuisance calls!!

She told me the story in confidence.

I'm likely to be here all afternoon.

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I speak French pretty much every day.

Not to talk smack on those from any other country, I'm just thankful for my own.

Good water for Tibet is good water for the world.

Claudio has already eaten lunch.

That's a book.


I actually don't work here.

Thousands of people from all over the world apply to become NASA astronauts.

I must find a way to earn a lot of money.

The women whose daughter you spoke to doesn't live here.

We were very tired, and to make matters worse, it began to rain.

Our flying time tonight will be just under 6 hours, but I'll see if I can speed things up a bit.

I don't think it'll be that easy.

The villagers had a bias against any newcomer.

It's worth the price.

We know something about it.

I wasn't permitted to see them.

I can't believe Panzer left without saying goodbye.

I wrote a song about Tatoeba.


I'm allergic to carrots.

You're quite sharp, aren't you?

I've been up and about all day, now I'm worn out.

Can you help me with my work?

The fish is burnt black.

I've never eaten pork and I never will.

Mom! Hector's bugging me!

If John goes, I won't.

Dylan has got more homework than me.


Jess said that's fine with him.

Jakob told me you're going to help him.

We often come across Japanese tourists in this area.


Because there are a lot of volcanoes, it is easy for Japan to be hit by earthquakes.

What people say is not always true.

Pria tells me you're a doctor.


The grammar of Esperanto is very easy.

Major is the only one I'll talk to.

Vishal waited for half an hour.

I didn't know how to do that until I was thirty years old.

The world will change in an instant.


This case is outside my jurisdiction.


He decided to become her husband.

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Pamela bought himself a new sports car.


I've never been so glad about the spring's coming.

He has no sense of humor.

He's been out of work for a month.

The ladder was covered with mud.

I asked them to come see me.

We aren't disappointed.

It was already dark when The got home.


Despite the importance of sleep, its purpose is a mystery.

Take your hat off in the room.

Give me my beer.


A wooden-legged, glass-eyed mother is coming.


Did she quote a price for it?

The subsistence farmer grew so little that there was no room for leftovers.

Tomorrow I'm going to visit my mother in the hospital.


We estimated his losses at 100 dollars.

I thought Douglas would ask Antony to go to Boston with him.

What is the relationship between politics and war?

Tovah got the answer right.

My back is hurting again.

I'm glad to have passed at all.

The liberty of man consists solely in this: that he obeys natural laws because he has himself recognized them as such, and not because they have been externally imposed upon him by any extrinsic will whatsoever, divine or human, collective or individual.

I can't walk out on you and Murph.

Tareq allowed this to happen.


I can't keep my eyes off of it.


She felt him stiffen in surprise when he heard the news.

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I've already made up my mind.


You can never tell anyone what I just told you.